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What to buy new wealthy boyfriend for birthday?!

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SunshineOverStress Fri 31-Jul-20 12:12:51

Any ideas? Been dating for a couple months!
Was thinking a night away somewhere and some presents but what do I get a man who can buy whatever he wants anyway?!

He’s into shooting, mixing music, and alcohol!
Maybe a gin subscription as one?

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IloveBeefJerky Fri 31-Jul-20 12:14:13

Something personalised, maybe a nice framed picture of you both? Or pay an artist to draw a photo of the both of you?

JoJoSM2 Fri 31-Jul-20 12:33:10

Sth to do with his interests is always a good one. It’s the thought that counts.

OldLace Fri 31-Jul-20 12:33:52

If he has everything, & its also quite a new relationship, I'd not do much.
You can always step it up later on but i'd not try 'too hard' right now.

A small personalised item is probably best - it will be unique and special

icedaisy Fri 31-Jul-20 12:37:24

Personalised hip flask or tankard?

Onekidnoclue Fri 31-Jul-20 12:37:32

Novelty item and a good experience. So. Take him out for dinner somewhere lovely and a small personal thing to open. If he’s mega into booze what about a local gin? Or something that a play on his name? Like I got my brother a Big Ben apron as his name is Ben. He thinks it’s hilarious.

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Fri 31-Jul-20 12:38:57

I got a very rich relative mushions a while ago......(( and a packet of Haribo as he loves them)) They went down a storm (( face shaped cushions with pictures of our faces on)) I find with people who have everything going down the personal route works well.

Onekidnoclue Fri 31-Jul-20 12:39:06

Or think of something he moans about and fix it, like a mega long phone charger or huge ice cube tray if he thinks they dilute his drinks. Keep it fun.

gk6277 Fri 31-Jul-20 16:22:21

I would go for an experience... Falconry, indoor sky diving, a meal up the Shard..... That sort of thing. Money can buy things, but happy memories are made together

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