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Have you ever accidentally booked the wrong holiday? Or similar?

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CrockyBetter Fri 31-Jul-20 11:58:47

The thread about booking the nudist campsite made me wonder of you have ever booked the wronh hotel, flight,.theatre tickets, anything really and what happened?

I booked hotel for 12 months time and didnt notice until we had arrived at our destination after a 9 hour flight and 3 hour taxi journey. Our hotel was fully booked. Thankfully it was a chain hotel and we were able to go to anothee hotel nearby and they refunded the original booking. Cost about £200 more at the new hotel tho

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HorridHamble Fri 31-Jul-20 12:17:24

When I was backpacking in New Zealand, I had a drunken argument with my then boyfriend and decided to carry on travelling the world without him. I booked a spur of the moment flight to Queenstown. Seemed like a bargain. Unfortunately I had Queensland in my head so it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, although it was spectacular. I did think it was a rather small plane for flying to Australia but it only dawned on me when after a short flight we started descending between the mountains. Not my finest moment.

Youvegotafriendinme Fri 31-Jul-20 12:40:02

I’ve booked flights for one date and hotel for another on more than one occasion. Booked concert tickets for Ireland. I live in England.
Booked a holiday and then booked the wrong dates off of work. Couldn’t change either.
I am no longer allowed to book anything with out supervision. blush

tinytemper66 Fri 31-Jul-20 12:41:36

I once booked flights to Spain for 5 nights and only booked the hotel for 4! Luckily they had room to accommodate us for the night.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 31-Jul-20 12:43:00

Booked a hotel for that night rather than the weekend I wanted in the future. Booked a holiday for three weeks in the future when I had no passport... Luckily it came in time!

elephantoverthehill Fri 31-Jul-20 12:47:00

I booked a return on a ferry going the wrong way, luckily the port recognised the mistake and allowed me to travel.

zafferana Fri 31-Jul-20 12:49:32

My DH has form for this. He once booked us Eurostar tickets for the Thurs night train. We turned up on Friday night and had missed our train by 24 hours. All the Friday night trains were fully booked, so we had to go home and we lost the non-refundable cost of the hotel. Another time he booked flight tickets for 24 hours too late, which was a disaster, because we'd flown to A, then were flying to B to see one specific thing and then we were catching a special, expensive, scenic train the following morning. Luckily, we managed to book ourselves onto the late flight to B, but we arrived at 1am and our special train was leaving at 6am the following morning, so we still caught it, but didn't see anything of B!

drspouse Fri 31-Jul-20 12:49:34

DH booked the train to come and see me on the wrong day, twice I think, when we were dating (LDR). He had to take an extra day's AL and hang around while I was at work (no big deal really).

Dotinthecity Fri 31-Jul-20 12:52:34

My husband booked a villa in the wrong resort in Florida (they had very similar names). It all turned out well though as the villa and location were great.

terracottapot Fri 31-Jul-20 12:58:03

A friend of mine had a work trip - his PA organised the whole thing and even gave him his tickets in an envelope. He thought he was going to a meeting in Ireland, and dressed accordingly. When he got to the airport to catch his flight, it turned out to be Iceland. In January.

BalloonSlayer Fri 31-Jul-20 13:00:30

Wasn't booking a nudist campsite by "mistake" the plot of a Carry On film?

CloudPop Fri 31-Jul-20 13:00:31

I once didn't book the hotel at all. We were meeting friends for a long weekend and for some unknown reason I thought they were booking rooms for us. Why that would possibly be the case I don't know. We arrived at about 2am go find everything shut and fully booked. Spent the entire weekend moving to a new hotel every night depending on availability.

Feralkidsatthecampsite Fri 31-Jul-20 13:03:41

Once booked our regular caravan holiday for Sept instead of May!! Oops!!

UncleShady Fri 31-Jul-20 13:04:08

Three years running I booked the Wrong Thing. First year I booked house A when I'd thought I booked House B. Didn't realise until I was looking for directions on the way there. Second year I was soooooo keen not to repeat that I booked the ferry for the week before the week I'd actually booked the house for. Third year I booked the ferry and the house - the right house - for the same week grin - but the same week I had a professional exam booked for, at home.

SanFranBear Fri 31-Jul-20 13:04:16

Flew out of Heathrow so left car etc there... flew back into Gatwick! Obviously very lucky they're pretty close and there are good transport links between but such a stupid thing to do and added a good couple of hours to our journey home once we'd worked out what was going on (took an embarrassing long time after we landed!)

annonymousse Fri 31-Jul-20 13:07:24

My DH was supposed to be flying to Genoa and accidentally booked flights to Geneva. He didn't realise until he tried to get a taxi to his hotel and was told it would 100s of euros when he expected it to be around €30. I will never let him live it down even tho he did bring me some Swiss chocolate back 😂😂.

Still don't understand how he didn't notice 🤷‍♀️

WeeMadArthur Fri 31-Jul-20 13:08:51

We nearly ended up on the wrong plane once. Lovely Ryanair multiple destination Check-In, they asked us to confirm where we were going and handed us our passes, as I was walking away I idly glanced at he code on the passes and it was the wrong airport! As brain farts go, it could have cost us a lot of trouble

RaisinGhost Fri 31-Jul-20 13:11:25

I pre booked tickets for a long train trip in Italy. When we got on, there were already people in our seats. All check our tickets, yep same seats on both. Hmm that's weird, oh well must be a bug. There's plenty of spare seats so no big deal. We take off and the conductor comes around. He points out our tickets were for last month! I'd booked the wrong date. Had to pay out for more tickets - €150!

UncleShady Fri 31-Jul-20 13:11:26

Flew out of Heathrow so left car etc there... flew back into Gatwick!

I know someone who reported their car as stolen from the motorway services - they'd driven there, parked up and gone the rest of the way to this meeting in their work colleague's car, who had then stopped them back on the way home. The police that came heard this sorry tale of woe, and pointed to the service station on the other side of the motorway and suggested he might have better luck looking for his car in the car park there.

brightbluegentian Fri 31-Jul-20 13:12:10

I was once a travel agent. Customer asked for Gatwick... and I accidentally booked Luton. E ticket so he couldn’t check...

Customer phoned from Gatwick as he had been told he had no flight. No time to get to Luton for the alternative. The company paid and sorted it... I am no longer a travel agent!

totallyyesno Fri 31-Jul-20 13:18:04

We went to a really nice hotel in France so I decided to rebook it but couldn't quite remember the name. Booked a different hotel which was about 10km away by accident and only realised when we turned up at the one I thought I had booked. I also booked the accommodation for all of us when we went on holiday with my brother and his family. I booked the wrong week and they wouldn't change it. Luckily my brother and his wife managed to swap their time off from work to the week I had actually booked. blush

Timesdone Fri 31-Jul-20 13:18:09

Too many to recall them all...twice we've travelled to catch a ferry on the wrong date, got us packed up & ready to leave a day early...realised just in time, before we booked out fortunately: parked the car at Dover for a trip to France and caught the ferry back to Folkestone. These are just the ones that come to mind - oh, and countless mix ups over different time Zones 🤦

frankie001 Fri 31-Jul-20 13:26:07

I once booked a sea lion boat tour while in Newquay. When I double checked and rang them to find the dock, I realised I’d booked Newquay in Wales. They said it kept happening, but it really wasn’t clear on the website!

Gooseygoosey12345 Fri 31-Jul-20 13:40:46

I booked to fly out of one airport and into another without realising. Drove there as well! Lucky I managed to change it

popcorndiva Fri 31-Jul-20 13:59:42

When I was younger we went to The French Open. Flying out early morning then coming back in the evening.
Except I had chosen the next evening wrongly. Easyjet managed to get us seats on the next mornings flights but we had sleep at the airport and get some toiletries in duty free to use. Never again!!!!

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