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Lash lift

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bloated1977 Thu 30-Jul-20 23:00:56

Hi just wondering if any of you have had a lash lift? Does it make them feel weird afterwards. I want them done for a special occasion but don't want to be fiddling with my eyes whilst I get used to them! Thanks x

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itsamadmadworld Thu 30-Jul-20 23:04:52

I had mine done with a home kit, the person doing it messed up originally do my eyes stuck together 😬 but once we sorted that it was absolutely fine and I loved them. I did them beginning of May and I can still see a difference from before, definitely recommend them. And they didn't bug me or anything, I wear glasses as well if that makes a difference

BammBamm Thu 30-Jul-20 23:06:16

I did an LVL course and have had mine done several times. For me, it was just amazing. I have pale, relatively short and fine lashes but they were brilliant and I didn't need mascara so it made me less likely to fiddle with them.

DontDoItGeorge Thu 30-Jul-20 23:08:37

I've had mine done twice for special occasions, I loved the look of them, they looked great without mascara for a holiday and lasted a surprisingly long time.

DariaMorgendorffer Thu 30-Jul-20 23:09:39

Got one for an event in the past. Loved it! They don't feel strange after it & I couldn't believe the difference it made.

Dontsaykwen Thu 30-Jul-20 23:15:39

I get mine done and I love it. A lash lift and tint makes me feel much more comfortable not wearing makeup.
Bit of LVL trivia. I think the standard LVL course only licenses you to treat the top lashes so although you likely wouldn’t have the bottom row curled sometimes they can only tint the top row, so I tint my bottom row myself.
I bought a home kit for LVL during lockdown and have done mine twice myself and was really impressed with the results. They last a good 6 weeks. Very faffy though to do.
I’m waiting until they are fully back to normal before I get them done properly again in case she is insulted that I did my own 😬

Slimeafterslime Thu 30-Jul-20 23:16:49

I have long, straight lashes and a lash lift changes my face entirely. I love them!

TuMeke Fri 31-Jul-20 01:12:22

I’ve had lash lifts and a different type called a Yumi lash lift. Both were really good, but in the last lift it was more like a straightforward lash perm, where my lashes were sort of clipped into a thing and then the lifting solutions applied. It was good, but a few of my lashes got caught at odd angles and it didn’t get right down close to the lash line. With the Yumi lift they individually stick your lashes to the roller thing, so can make sure they all get positioned correctly, so I prefer that type of lift. It’s more expensive, but it last me about 12 weeks each time. So it might be worth just checking what type of lift you’d be getting. However, I’ve never experienced any discomfort or needed to fiddle afterwards smile Be warned tho - it is a bit addictive IME! It does make your eyes look really good, so you may find yourself doing it regularly!

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