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Can anyone recommend a good walking app?

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hippohector Thu 30-Jul-20 22:10:38

As the title says really.
I want to download a walking app on my phone, not just to count steps but to improve my fitness.
I’m hoping for something like Couch to 5K but without the running element!
I guess something that sets goals and gradually improves fitness.
Any recommendations please?

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gingajewel Thu 30-Jul-20 22:30:03

I was going to say map my walk but it only counts calories and how far you have walked! I use it every day though!

hippohector Sat 01-Aug-20 11:26:30

Bumping for the weekend crowd!

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HunterAngel Sat 01-Aug-20 12:56:16

Adidas Runtastic, you can set it for walking or other activities not just running. It uses gps to track your walk and how fast/slow you’re going, tells you when you’ve done a mile and your average pace. I’ve found it quite useful. Not sure if you can set goals on it but you can join the community so others with the app can cheer you on

icedaisy Sat 01-Aug-20 12:58:57

I quite like my fit bit for this. You can set daily challenges and chose routes to follow. Like walk across New York City and then see how long it takes you. Can also do group challenges if you want.

Obviously has your daily step target as well.

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