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Tree surgery costs, what do you pay?

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FallingIguanas Thu 30-Jul-20 11:48:40

Tree surgeons round here seem in high demand (only one has got back to me) so this may be reflective in quotes.

So the work is to heavily prune two large fruit trees and remove one small apple tree to stump level.

I've been quoted £300.

I'd have thought it's a couple of hours work onsite plus chipping of branches/leaves.

Is this the going rate?

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Heartlake Thu 30-Jul-20 11:50:56

It probably is, but it's probably two people. They have vehicles and equipment I'm sure, admin costs, pensions, no paid holidays, insurance to pay, and are they getting rid of the stuff for you as well? I think this is reasonable actually.

FallingIguanas Thu 30-Jul-20 11:56:35

Yes cost includes clearing site and disposal.

He is also a full time firefighter and this is a second job so assumed he may be more reasonable but appreciate he'll still have overheads.

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Brigante9 Thu 30-Jul-20 12:00:51

I just had 7 large (like 40ft) conifers removed. It was roughly £200 per tree, chipping, 4 people, lorry, trailer to remove logs, the chipping lorry was removed twice both days. It was an epic job. I paid mates’ rates because it was a friend of a friend. A lady behind us paid £400 per tree!

I would pay £300 for ‘heavy pruning’ and removal of one tree. Saying that, chainsaws are £50 at Screwfix then you can take everything down the tip over several trips. Just be very wary of who you employ, most ‘tree surgeons’ round here aren’t qualified and don’t live in houses. Don’t want to cause offence! My guy sent me his chainsaw certificate and insurance documents.

MellowMelly Thu 30-Jul-20 12:15:05

That’s a really good price.

For reference, a family member has their fruit tree beautifully pruned every 3 years, each time £300.

My tree is £500 every 5 years.

FallingIguanas Thu 30-Jul-20 12:24:51

Thank you all, that's helpful.

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