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Early labour

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Mumtobe092020 Wed 29-Jul-20 16:06:24

Hi all, Has anyone gone through early labour? I’m 31+3 weeks and the way I’m feeling and the way my body is changing I feel like she might come early, if anyone has gone through this please can you tell me exactly how you were feeling before you went into labour? Thankyou x

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Wowcherarestalkingme Wed 29-Jul-20 16:13:58

I had lost my plug about four days before and I felt uncomfortable and my back was achey and sore. I was at a group the night before and I left early as sitting in the chairs was hurting my back. My waters went about 12 hours later (I was 32+4). Looking back it Didn’t occur to me that I was about to go into labour, I just figured I was so big I was reaching the uncomfortable stage

Mumtobe092020 Wed 29-Jul-20 17:16:22

Thankyou for replying! Big help to hear other people’s stories, if you don’t mind me asking what colour/consistency was the plug? Too much information I know.. but it’s difficult to know if it’s the plug I’ve lost or if it’s just a lot more discharge than normal.

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Wowcherarestalkingme Wed 29-Jul-20 17:45:04

It was a lot thicker than normal discharge and more of a milky colour. I know you can loose it and it doesn’t necessarily mean labour is imminent. Have they given you any indication that you may go into early labour? I had three different issues that could mean early labour (though I didn’t think it would be that early)

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