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Autumn and Christmas incense

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NightSpot Wed 29-Jul-20 14:23:26

I am embracing the hygge!

I love in ense but was hoping for recommendations for the nicest autumn and Christmas incense you know of.

Preferably online!

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Quackersandcheese3 Wed 29-Jul-20 14:43:09

I’m sorry it’s not Christmas or autumnal particularly but my favourites are nag champa positive vibes and white sage. Interested to hear recommendations for festive fragrance incense though.

NightSpot Wed 29-Jul-20 20:58:31

I am hopeless at knowing the brands! I know I like some of the ones from a local store but have no idea what brand they are. I really need ot learn more - this is what is frustrating my search I think. I have no idea what is good! ANd without being able to go into the shop, I cant tell either!

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titsmcgee Wed 29-Jul-20 21:01:21

Huge cliche, I know, but I love the White Company's "Winter" range

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