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Ideas for 4month old ??

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Serenay1 Wed 29-Jul-20 12:28:17

Hey mummies,

Quick question. I have A four month old little girl I was just wondering what activities can I do with her that will help her to learn

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DinosApple Wed 29-Jul-20 13:17:06

Sing nursery rhymes, dance with her in your arms, read to her, play peek-a-boo, she might be a big young for a door frame bouncer but something like that. Make a sensory basket of things that she can explore and are safe for her to put in her mouth, door hand and foot prints if you haven't already, bath toys in the bath.

And basically talk to her constantly - leave pauses so she can babble back (she might not be babbling yet though). She'll be like a sponge for the next few years, constantly learning and changing. It's such an exciting age!

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