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I'm done being an adult I quit!

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wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 18:27:43

Regular poster just name changed due to current circumstances.

Does anyone here have knowledge or work for DWP/citizens advice?

I'm basically trying everything I can think of for advice Iv searched every single avenue on the internet.I recently got a tenancy for me and my daughter away from everyone in my past completely new place where we know nobody.

I used all my savings and came up with £2,000 for the deposit and first months rent and now my second months rent is due on Monday (technically the 1st but that's a Saturday) and I have been on the phone every single day to UC chasing up my claim for housing benefit etc but it appears it's still not been processed and now I'm having a breakdown,I can't sleep,constant panic attacks etc because I'm so worried my landlord is going to throw me and my daughter out.I thought it would of been processed by there any grant I can apply for through the council?is there anything citizens Advice Can do?i will literally try any of these option and any more if anyone has any ideas or can point me in the right direction.I can't even post on Facebook or anything for advice because no one knows I moved and can't know so as I have previously got great advice from here I'm really hoping there's at least one person in the know at the council or UC or citizens advice that can tell me what to do?
Thankyou very much.

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Sharpandshineyteeth Tue 28-Jul-20 18:29:14

Have a look to see if your local council has a discretionary housing benefit fund.

Snowman123 Tue 28-Jul-20 18:29:36

Does your UC fully cover your rent?
It is a new claim?

wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 18:31:09

They have a discretionary housing payment,is this the same?i filled out a form I printed of the internet and tried to take it today but the council is closed.

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wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 18:31:38

I was on UC before and they covered my full rent as I applied once my DH left me.

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wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 18:33:17

Is there any private landlords here?will We get thrown out?i literally can't sleep worrying about this

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Meruem Tue 28-Jul-20 18:39:36

Ok calm down OP. First thing tomorrow go to the council. Yes it’s a discretionary housing payment you’d be applying for. Can you get an advance on UC? I’ve heard of people getting advance payments as some kind of loan. Take some deep breathes and try and distract yourself for tonight. There is literally nothing you can do until tomorrow and you need some rest to approach things with a clear head. They can’t just come round and kick you out onto the street. There are legal processes that take time. Have you spoken to your landlord and explained? It’s better to let them know rather than panic and avoid them. You may find that if it’s just a one off they will be sympathetic.

wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 18:43:18

I just keep having panic attacks and crying I can't cope letting my daughter down so badly.I thought I had it all organised and done well in advance I submitted my new information when I first moved in giving them one month to process it Iv worked so hard to find my daughter a school and new clubs to join and everything if we have to leave she will hate me.What is a discretionary payment fund?will I qualify?i filled out the application form I just want to try anything I am desperate!I tried to get a citizens advice appointment but. I one is answering and there's no drop in.I haven't told the landlord I'm so terrified,I thought it would be sorted by now

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Sharpandshineyteeth Tue 28-Jul-20 19:03:59

It’s discretionary, so up to your local authority. Try not to panic too much, you won’t be kicked out onto the street. Your landlord will have to accept things are taking a bit longer due to the volume of new claims. I’m sure they would much rather wait for the payment than go through the lengthy and costly court process to evict you which would take months.

Reachfortheasteroid Tue 28-Jul-20 19:19:39

Take heart from the fact that currently according to radio 4 you and yours programme last week the AVERAGE eviction time for PROBLEM tenants is 8-10 months at the moment. Also, LL can’t start eviction procedures at the moment. That is the WORST case scenario. Best case scenario is you speak to your LL like my tenants did, explain the situation and you come to a mutually agreeable solution. Not all LL are nobbers (there are some that are so be prepared for this!). If you can, get in touch with Shelter- they have an amazing team who are really up to speed with knowledge to support tenants and will have come across this situation before and will be able to hand hold AND give legal information that randoms on MN could get wrong. Most of all, BREATHE. It ISN'T as overwhelming as it would seem as first sightflowers

wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 19:51:47

I just keep going round and round my head trying to think of a way to make this better,I thought I had been organised and got it all done quick enough.My landlord seems nice but I'm just worried as it's my first month living here she will think I'm terrible when Iv tried so hard to be a good tenant so far and do everything right.

Does anyone know if your accepted how long the discretionary housing payment takes?i guess that and my benefits being sorted out are my only options to tell my landlord.does anyone know how I can word a letter or email to my landlord explaining the situation?im really bad with words and when i talk I get all mixed up and stressed and the way I'm feeling now i would probably cry if I phoned her.


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wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 20:18:48

Does anyone know the difference between housing costs through universal credit and housing benefit through the council?I'm so confused I don't know if Iv done the right thing!

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Reachfortheasteroid Tue 28-Jul-20 20:19:24

Speak to Shelter first - they will be able to help you with what you’re entitled to. Then, email the LL with the situation and what your plans are to solve it. Eg in waiting on my UC being sorted out, know this doesn’t look great but this is how it’ll be sorted out. People mind problems less if there’s a solution or a way forward cake

Reachfortheasteroid Tue 28-Jul-20 20:21:47

Shelter will be able to explain UC/HB. It’s a free service but you might need patience to get through

wishthiswasreallife Tue 28-Jul-20 20:30:51

Oh lord I'm panicking I thought it was
Straight forward rent through universal credit but now I don't know.I get the full award for PIP aswell if that makes a difference

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