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Adoption Process & Criminal Record

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Emma1900 Tue 28-Jul-20 17:57:26

We are in stage 2 of the adoption process both clear DBS checks good references etc.
However, my partner has just been falsely accused of harrassment to our neighbour (been an ongoing neighbour dispute for years) hand on heart he has done nothing of the sort we are both decent people. Our neighbour has taken something out of context to try and ruin us and now my partner has to go to the police for an interview and could end up with a criminal record or even jail time if we are really unlucky! As it's their word against ours :-(

Will this affect our adoption? Do we have to tell them or will they find out anyway? We already have our DBS from stage 1, do they do another?

Many thanks

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Delbelleber Tue 28-Jul-20 18:11:41

I have no idea if it would affect the adoption but I think it would be wise to tell them and get it out in the open incase they think you are trying to hide something if they found out further down the line.

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