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What Colour are my eyes

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bostonbaby Mon 27-Jul-20 23:01:52

As the title says really. Not sure if they are green or blue as I am terrible with colours. Thanks

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UnfinishedSymphon Mon 27-Jul-20 23:04:07

Why? I really don't get these posts. What does it matter?

Next we'll have a "what size do I look" or "what do you weigh if you're 2 foot tall and a size 40".

Notname Mon 27-Jul-20 23:05:31

Blue smile

UkuleleRose Mon 27-Jul-20 23:06:16

Blue-gray. :-)

DramaAlpaca Mon 27-Jul-20 23:07:33


bostonbaby Mon 27-Jul-20 23:08:32

Because my sister has put a photo of my niece on Facebook saying she doesn't know where niece gets her blue eyes from. I said well mine are blue so it could be our side and she said they are green. My other sister agreed with her.

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ChelseaCat Mon 27-Jul-20 23:09:16


JaneJeffer Mon 27-Jul-20 23:10:13

They are definitely not green.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Mon 27-Jul-20 23:15:08


DrinkFeckArseGirls Mon 27-Jul-20 23:15:36

Nice eyelashes!

Horehound Mon 27-Jul-20 23:15:49


DemDem94 Mon 27-Jul-20 23:16:13

I’d say blue

LadyEloise Mon 27-Jul-20 23:17:33


copperoliver Mon 27-Jul-20 23:19:17

Blue/ grey. X

ghislaine Mon 27-Jul-20 23:19:29

Blue/grey. Definitely not green.

DollyPartons Mon 27-Jul-20 23:20:34

Blue with green in them.

UmmH Mon 27-Jul-20 23:21:47


MissMarplesHandbag Mon 27-Jul-20 23:22:40


UmmH Mon 27-Jul-20 23:22:57

But you have a greenish ring around your pupil so maybe when they dilate the green bit looks more obvious.

dontgobaconmyheart Tue 28-Jul-20 02:45:12

I have grey eyes and can't see that yours are anything other than just straight up blue OP, by comparison. No green in them either but I suppose it could be the photo.

As an aside whenever I declare I have grey eyes I cringe. I know I sound like one of those sad sacks desperate to be a special case. I'm not, they're not even nice to look at and are very dull and dark looking, like a dolphin skin or some grotty english sea. Your eyes are a pretty blue OP.

Eye colour is determined by dominant and recessive genes in the family DNA of both parents, sadly not really a case of 'who' she got them from so much as which dominant code won out in the DNA combo from her two parents and their own set of DNA.

pepperycinnamon Tue 28-Jul-20 04:26:19


eaglejulesk Tue 28-Jul-20 04:59:58

Blue/grey - I can't see any green.

Greygreenblue Tue 28-Jul-20 06:09:50

I would not listen to your family about eye colour based on my own family’s weirdness. My mother INSISTS I have grey eyes. My eyes are hazel - army green/brown to be specific. It’s very weird.
My sister insists my nephews eyes are blue, which they were when he was a toddler, then they went greyish (seriously) but they’be ended up green. He’s only 7 and knows they are green but to say they are blue if she is in earshot. I’ve seen him change his answer halfway through on spotting her presence.

Your sisters probably decided on your eye colour in their heads 30 years ago and actually have not looked at your eyes properly since

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