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Has anyone worked for the big4 and has had difficulty getting preclearance..

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big4mlm Mon 27-Jul-20 20:59:10

For a second job? Think Avon. Not here for a bashing about mlms etc. Just whether the big4 or similar has not granted preclearance. Companies have nothing to do with each other

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LouiseTrees Mon 27-Jul-20 21:34:27

I know loads, none have had issues. Generally though their second job has been with a reputable company or a charity. One sold soap for a company local to them out of organic stuff (so I suppose that fitted in with the whole supporting green industry then).

LouiseTrees Mon 27-Jul-20 21:39:29

Wait just re read you are asking about MLMs. I think I knew one who sold jewellery through an MLM but I think it’s pretty rare. I suppose it depends on what specific business it is.

big4mlm Tue 28-Jul-20 15:00:49

Thanks! Sorted now

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