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Afternoon Tea Week - for delivered boxes what offer would entice you to order?

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Overseasmom100 Mon 27-Jul-20 19:41:52

So Afternoon Tea Boxes delivered to your door...what special offers woukd you like to see?

Money off a tea for 2
A free gift..if so what
Extras in the box...if so what?

Or something else?

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Overseasmom100 Mon 27-Jul-20 19:46:18

Btw its 10-16 August

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GrumpiestOldWoman Mon 27-Jul-20 19:59:26

I'd go by the quality to be honest, rather than price and not expect to need 'extras' in an afternoon tea.

I've had one recently that looked lovely but really wasn't very nice, dry scones, cheap tray bakes, cheap sandwich fillings (really cheap ham, rubbery cheese), artificial cream in meringues, urgh.

What would attract me would be an M&S style advert that reassured me it would be really special and at least as nice as I would make at home e.g.

'Sandwiches filled with outdoor reared ham and caramelized red onion chutney' or 'fresh cream meringues' or 'freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam' etc.

Overseasmom100 Mon 27-Jul-20 20:04:39

Everything we do is homebaked and we do describe as youve suggested. Just thought would be nice to celebrate with a little promo

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chuffincold Mon 27-Jul-20 20:05:25

I'm yet to see an afternoon tea delivery box with tea in it, I'd appriciate a couple of individual Earl grey tea bags or similar (not a couple of pg tips)
Also something with colour, sandwiches, scones and Victoria sponge are all beige

EasilyDelighted Mon 27-Jul-20 20:13:50

There was another thread about this a couple of weeks ago, maybe search for that?

I would also just want really good quality content, all homebaked, butter not margerine in the sandwiches, clotted cream, choice of plain, fruit or cheese scone, choice of hot drink, veggie option.

Maybe a money off voucher for next time. Not interested in gifts and extras really.

Overseasmom100 Mon 27-Jul-20 20:16:13

Tick...we put individually wrapped Twinings in plus roddas clotted cream...and tiptree jams.

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listsandbudgets Mon 27-Jul-20 20:19:19

It sounds lovely OP - where are you based? Feel like ordering afternoon tea now ;)

Ragwort Mon 27-Jul-20 20:20:02

I'd love to order something like that but I would worry about how fresh it was, do you bake the scones each day for delivery and only make the sandwiches on the day? And do you personally deliver the afternoon tea boxes or rely on a delivery service?

Regulus Mon 27-Jul-20 20:22:52

Agree with freshness concerns and also do you have a food safety certificate/food rating? I'm always concerned that they are baked in someone's kitchen

SecularPanic Mon 27-Jul-20 20:24:49

I would want fresh scones baked the same day.

wishfull888 Mon 27-Jul-20 20:27:28

Gluten free as not many teas are adapted for us coeliacs :-/

granadagirl Mon 27-Jul-20 20:30:58

Never heard of afternoon tea delivery, excellent idea especially if done on same day and local for freshness

Perhaps tiny box of chocolates
Fresh fruit

Money voucher of next delivery

Where you based please ?

katy1213 Mon 27-Jul-20 20:35:05

Not interested in extras. Scones would have to be properly fresh and as good as homemade (they never are!). Choice of really nice cakes - think French patisserie standard. And don't make the standard assumption that everybody likes chocolate, because they don't!
Choice of tea (hate Earl Grey and Teapigs are like cats' pee).
No gunky cupcakes. To be honest, most afternoon teas are quite disappointing and if it's to have at home, anyway, I'd probably make it myself. (Might be swayed a generous slice of really good Dundee cake!)

purplecorkheart Mon 27-Jul-20 20:44:00

My big thing would be decent savoury options. I do not want soggy sandwiches with processed ham, bland egg etc on sliced pan. I want sourdough, wraps, soda bread etx
I want really excellent patisseries french standard. I do not want fruit cake, maderia cake, battenburg cake
I want macaroons (homemade) and ideally not vanilla or strawberry.
I want homemade scones that are baked through out (no doughy centres)with homemade preserves.

Sorry I am a nightmare.

Ahardknocklife Mon 27-Jul-20 20:47:19

Lactose free would be my choice. I've actually just been looking to order from our local tea shop and they do not cater for lactose intolerance.

ComtesseDeSpair Mon 27-Jul-20 20:48:42

It would be all about the packaging and presentation for me, it’s something I’d only buy for a gift so everything would need to look special and top notch. Most people can buy all the ingredients for their own cream tea so I’d imagine the gift / treat market is a primary one.

Alloverthegrapevine Mon 27-Jul-20 20:53:27

I can't imagine ordering afternoon tea unless I was expecting a lot of people and needed it "catering". Just for two, it's sandwiches and cake, maybe a nice distraction when there was nothing else and we couldn't go out but hasn't that market been and gone now?

I can tell you what I'd like for afternoon tea, but it dont want it delivered to my house.

AmyC40 Mon 27-Jul-20 21:01:16

We ordered these for my daughters birthday.. each one is for 1 person (£1₩ p/h) and included sandwiches, 2 scones either cream and jam, lemon drizzle cake or dorset apple cake, a chocolate cupcake and a piece of tray bake. Also included tea bags, 2 macaroons, a couple of strawberries and chocolate mints!! Was really nice but sandwiches could have been more special...better quality bread and more luxury fillings, scones and dorset apple cake delicious but cup cakes could have had more flavour. Also something else savoury would have broken up all the sweet things!!

giftponderings Mon 27-Jul-20 21:40:14

I've had fab afternoon teas, loved the scotch eggs/sausage rolls. I've had one that catered for dairy free, huge tick in my book, think they used Elmlea plant based creams, really delicious. They had chocolate cake with cream and strawberries as well as strawberry tart.
Well filled sandwiches and they also included strawberry soup, very much like a smoothie.

Maybe a nice fruit mousse would be nice to include?

circumventgatekeeper Mon 27-Jul-20 22:01:37

In this house gluten and dairy free options

FedUpAtHomeTroels Mon 27-Jul-20 22:19:26

A gluten free one that doesn't have a chocolate brownie.

GarlicMcAtackney Mon 27-Jul-20 22:45:05

They always are too heavy on sweet stuff, who needs cake + cupcake (which are rubbish anyway) + scones + square of something +macarons etc. with a bit of a sandwich?
Nice sandwiches, tiny mini quiche, canapés, and scones and one other sweet thing would be better. Bringing it on some kind of fancy stand you can collect after use might be more appealing than a cardboard/plastic box.

GarlicMcAtackney Mon 27-Jul-20 22:46:18

Or a theme, like mostly savoury/ strawberries and elderflower etc.

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere Mon 27-Jul-20 23:20:49

I ordered afternoon tea for my mum and friends for a special occasion a couple of weeks ago. I had a choice of two cafes both of which we visited a lot pre Covid. One of them did "Afternoon Tea in a box" and the other delivered trays. I chose the trays because I really didn't like the thought of the sandwiches/quiche in a box with squashy cakes and scones.

For me the most important thing would be to know the sweet and savoury food was kept separate.

Because Afternoon Tea is one of my mum's favourite things to do a voucher towards a reduced price tea at a later date would definitely be attractive for us.

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