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Gift ideas for DF undergoing chemo

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Lovelydovey Mon 27-Jul-20 17:39:32

So my lovely dad started chemotherapy today for lung cancer - this is his first treatment so no idea what side effects he will suffer with.

It’s also his 66th birthday on Thursday and I need inspiration for presents. Things that don’t seem insensitive given possible side effects (Such as nausea and changed tastes - so probably not food) and also things that might help him through this.

He loves watching all sports and cooking. He drinks whisky and champagne, but gave him whisky for Father’s Day and we drank a bottle of champagne yesterday at his (in his words) last supper before chemo started. He doesn’t want clothes, has a wobbly tooth so is on a sweet ban from the dentist, and has pretty much most things he could want. He does like detective and thriller novels, and doing things with his grandchildren.

Any ideas welcome please?

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sorryiasked Mon 27-Jul-20 18:21:37

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