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Petty Pandemic Whinges. Bring your trivial traumas here and I promise I won’t judge.

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LunaNorth Mon 27-Jul-20 15:57:26

Before I start, I know that some fucking awful things are happening to people around the world as a result of Covid19. I’ve had to endure some real trauma myself, so I don’t take it lightly.

But sometimes I think a space to rant and stamp our feet about the petty inconveniences would be very cathartic. So here it is.

I’ll start.

Today my fucking face mask ripped my favourite earring out of my ear when I removed it, and it broke.

My much-loved yoga class, which was the best hour of my week, is permanently closed.

angry sad

If anyone else has petty whinges that they don’t feel happy to say out loud in the real world, please feel free...

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FatherBrownsBicycle Mon 27-Jul-20 16:01:26

Wearing PPE all day in work makes me sweat so I’m uncomfortable and smelly sad

BillywilliamV Mon 27-Jul-20 16:09:05

My brand new, rather expensive duvet is just far too HOT!

FTMF30 Mon 27-Jul-20 16:14:23

I bought a cheap home wax and did it on my chin. I now have a burn mark on my face and hair has not been removed. I clearly did something wrong and need to leave it to the professionals. I look ridiculous 😑.

LunaNorth Mon 27-Jul-20 16:50:36

I hear you. There have been some home-beauty preparation disasters that have left me glad to wear a mask, I can tell you.

Such as the Veet-attack that left my chin looking like it was auditioning for a part in an Am-Dram production of The Singing Detective.

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BoggledBudgie Mon 27-Jul-20 17:24:44

Where I am it’s rained nearly all of June and July. I am fed up. I want the sun back!!

UkuleleRose Mon 27-Jul-20 17:34:36

I want movie popcorn. No other popcorn even comes close.

silverstarsandhearts Mon 27-Jul-20 17:43:46

Am sick of trying to dodge people in supermarkets.

I feel sad a lot of the time due the fact that our lives have changed so much.

Fed up this is just another thing for people to have conspiracy theories about and use it as an excuse to rant on FB or whatever.

Sad to be missing out on our planned holiday abroad.

Really miss the cinema!

Turnedouttoes Mon 27-Jul-20 17:48:12

I’m really really gutted to be missing our holidays and all the other plans we had for this year. My birthday was also right at the start of lockdown and we didn’t get to do anything we’d planned.

DP and I also started living together at the start of lockdown (a few months earlier than planned) and I feel like we lost the magic and excitement of living together because it was enforced and quite stressful with me trying to work from home and him not being able to work. Being together so much and not being out the house doing all the things we usually would (together and separately) has definitely put a strain on our relationship during the last few months

Turnedouttoes Mon 27-Jul-20 17:49:39

I’m also sick of it being the main topic of conversation at every single gathering. I want to talk about holidays and plans for the future again but it’s like everything has been put on hold

Leostar Mon 27-Jul-20 17:53:59

I'd already put a deposit down on new windows before the £5k grant news was released.

For the amount I've paid I could have had the whole house done and had change.

The company I ordered from said I'd lose the 50% deposit. Just had to suck it up

Drinkingallthewine Mon 27-Jul-20 17:54:11

My wedding got postponed as did the honeymoon.
No holiday for us this year...

modgepodge Mon 27-Jul-20 17:56:28

I hate that there’s nothing to look forward to. Holidays, trips, parties...

I play a sport which involves a lot of close contact so isn’t likely to resume in its normal format for months and months. I am getting fatter and losing my fitness. I don’t like home workouts or running, I want to play my sport 😭

I also bloody hate wearing a mask (and don’t need to be told boohoo NHS staff wear them suck it up etc etc, I‘ll wear it but I hate doing so.)

Dinosauratemydaffodils Mon 27-Jul-20 18:01:13

Just cancelled our third holiday of the year. This one was the one I was really excited about, taking the children to Efteling and then to Amsterdam. Ds has wanted to go ever since he saw photos of me there as a child. I know there is next year and we're getting virtually all the money back but it's pouring with rain and I feel decidedly grumpy about it.

timeforawine Mon 27-Jul-20 18:03:56

I miss going out for meals with our friends, we all got babysitters and had 1 night every 6 weeks or so to enjoy being adults, nice food and plenty of cocktails or Prosecco

VictoriousSockPuppet Mon 27-Jul-20 18:05:31

My 50th was shit (April)

VictoriousSockPuppet Mon 27-Jul-20 18:05:58

Other people

LunaNorth Mon 27-Jul-20 18:08:42

These are so sad. Weddings, holidays, etc are the exclamation marks of life. Covid world is just one long rambling boring sentence.

YY to cinema. Also live gigs. I want to clutch a crap pint in a plastic glass and get annoyed at someone fanning through my favourite song again.

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LunaNorth Mon 27-Jul-20 18:08:59




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justdontatme Mon 27-Jul-20 18:10:18

I’m missing my brother’s wedding.

We’ve lost a whole term of pre school swimming lessons & when (if?) swimming lessons start again DC3 will be in Reception & we will have to go to after school lessons, & I probably won’t be able to get them at the same time as DC2, & I hate swimming lessons.

Dilbertian Mon 27-Jul-20 18:13:06

Dh and I have just arrived at our long-awaited getaway for two, which we booked last year.

Together with our dc, as all the holiday camps and babysitting grandparents have of course been cancelled. I suppose we're lucky that we could get away, but it's a bit of a squash, and not very romantic.

Autviaminveniamautfaciam Mon 27-Jul-20 18:13:25

I've realised that a lot of people are vile and really selfish. From now on, I am just going to think about me, my own family and friends and the people who need help in my village.

MadamShazam Mon 27-Jul-20 18:14:47

I'm pissed off trying to dodge the increasing number of cyclists on my long commute to work. They pootle along the busy A road into the city without a care in the world and in vast numbers. They can fuck right off.

verypeckish Mon 27-Jul-20 18:17:49


I've realised that a lot of people are vile and really selfish. From now on, I am just going to think about me, my own family and friends and the people who need help in my village.

You're right about people. I don't think this pandemic has made people like it either. I think they always were horrible, but managed to hide it better.

EndoplasmicReticulum Mon 27-Jul-20 18:20:06

I want to play music with other real people again, in a pub. It's impossible to play together on zoom.

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