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Hairdresser has dyed my hair completely the wrong colour. Will they be able to fix it and should I have to pay full price

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hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:14:49

I've been going to the same hairdresser salon for years, very nice, friendly staff.

I have the same colour every time, whatever it is is described in my notes they just look it up on the system.

Today instead of a coppery brown I've come hope with almost jet black hair. It's very close to my natural colour and I now look very like my estranged mother so I absolutely despise it

They've asked me to come back in later to have a look at it. I asked if it's likely to be fixable but they couldn't say over the phone.

They were lovely and I'm not cross or anything but a bit peeved that I've had to sit in a mask for 90 minutes only for it to need to be repeated.

I've no experience of these things so not sure I should be paying full price? It was 91 quid and it's not what I asked for at all.

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hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:16:14

To be honest I'm tempted to just try and home dye over it. I hate going to the hairdresser anyway and can't face doing it all over again.

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hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:16:57

Any ideas on whether a home dye job might work and what I do about the bill would be really appreciated. Thank you

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Joopy Mon 27-Jul-20 13:17:18

You definitely shouldn't have to pay until you are happy with the outcome. Did you pay? Did you tell them before you left the salon that it wasn't right?

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:18:15

The problem was, I left with wet hair as I was going for a run so I didn't see the colour Until much later when it was dry.

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dementedpixie Mon 27-Jul-20 13:20:25

no, a box dye will be unlikely to lighten the darker dye thats been applied so I wouldn't try it

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:21:11


no, a box dye will be unlikely to lighten the darker dye thats been applied so I wouldn't try it

sadthanks for the heads up pixie

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Fisharefriendstoo Mon 27-Jul-20 13:22:25

A home dye won’t get you lighter if they have taken you darker I don’t think and the colour hair on the box is never what you will get as it depends on all the previous colours it’s going on top of etc.
It was £91 and they didn’t even dry it? Sounds a lot.

Your best bet is getting them to correct free of charge if you have already paid?

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:23:48

Thank you.

By weird coincidence I have not actually paid yet as their card machine was down so I arranged to call them later to pay over the phone.

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muckandnettles Mon 27-Jul-20 13:26:32

Definitely let them sort it out, so even if it's not going to be exactly the usual colour it needs to be sorted out professionally by them and with no more money paid by you, obviously. Whatever you do, don't try and colour it yourself!

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:28:06

Pics to show the difference, the right is my usual colour.

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Palavah Mon 27-Jul-20 13:29:09

On the basis that you asked for your usual colour and this is in the notes I would absolutely not expect you to pay for the original do OR the correction.

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:29:49

Urgh forgot to crop the second pic, have asked mn to delete it.

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hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:31:23

You can see my roots in this one and that's the colour they've dyed it back to rather than dying it the colour I usually have.

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RainbowCookie7 Mon 27-Jul-20 13:35:58

I've had this before and the hairdresser had to bleach all of my hair and start again. Took hours but was ok eventually.

dementedpixie Mon 27-Jul-20 13:42:15

I dont see any pictures. Are you using the app?

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:43:51

Yes, the app

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PuppyMonkey Mon 27-Jul-20 13:44:25

I wonder did they mix the wrong colours or something. Whatever, they need to fix it for free and not charge you for the original appointment either.

BTW Is anyone else enjoying the high number of hair related threads on MN at the moment? grin

PuppyMonkey Mon 27-Jul-20 13:44:56

OMG there are pictures?

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:45:32

I can see the pictures on my phone.

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dementedpixie Mon 27-Jul-20 13:45:50

I'm due to get my highlights done on Thursday. Can't wait to get rid of my roots and my greys

hairdoooont Mon 27-Jul-20 13:46:29

Try again...

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dementedpixie Mon 27-Jul-20 13:46:33

You dont seem to see pictures from the app on the desktop site

Beautiful3 Mon 27-Jul-20 13:51:15

I absolutely love the dark colour on you. It looks so glossy, shiny and healthy. However you didn't ask for that colour, so I wouldnt pay until she rectifies it, for the original price.

NoAdventureNoTime Mon 27-Jul-20 13:51:37

I'm on the app and can see all the pics yourve uploaded.
I'd give them a chance to correct it first, then I'd ask for my money back if they can't put it right.

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