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THIS WEEK: Are you procrastinating? Want to get things done?

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Wishingstarr Mon 27-Jul-20 04:16:18

I do! The insanity of COVID and the world going mad has thrown me completely off any game I had! I just want to make sure I'm still getting things accomplished. I'm proud of myself today as my 17 yr helped me completely clean and organize our study/sewing area and it is beautifully clean and calm now. I want to keep on my roll! Whatever it is you want to do this week come here at get some motivation and encouragement to get your delightful arse in gear x

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PhilCornwall1 Mon 27-Jul-20 05:42:37

We need to get the bathroom redone rapidly. It was going to be done before lockdown, but that messed up the plans.

We are buggering around a bit to be honest (ok mainly me). It's not really a huge job (full re-tile, new shower, screen and radiator). Money is sat ready to go, we just need to get the order in for the stuff and get someone in to do it. I'm sure they could do the job in well under a week.

This week, we really have to get the stuff ordered and the chap lined up. The bathroom is really hacking me off now.

I think me and my wife need to kick each other up the arse this week. Actually she needs to boot me harder. This week is the week it gets sorted!!!

Fingers crossed I don't end up with a sore behind.

Gingernaut Mon 27-Jul-20 05:46:34

I need to walk more.

I've put on half a stone since lockdown started and I'm slowing down at work.

I am fat and unfit with next to no stamina.

A two mile walk a day would be a start.

My workplace is near a train station which is close to a canal.

A walk along the canal to the next station is doable before I go home.

dollypops15 Mon 27-Jul-20 05:48:33

I have a back yard.... no grass I seriously need to pull my finger out this week and sort it out. My house is always tidy and organised, everything has a place. My back garden on the other hand kids toys thrown EVERYWHERE. Seriously need motivation to sort it

Wishingstarr Mon 27-Jul-20 05:59:34

Hello lads and lassies! Thanks for joining our thread for procrastinators! Let's get things done THIS WEEK.
Tomorrow I need to a) pay bills.
b) Actually enter the financial information for my bank accounts etc. in Banktivity that I purchased at least 2 months ago 🙄😄
How shall we reward ourselves each day?

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Goyle Mon 27-Jul-20 06:08:47

I've been meaning to refurbish my bedroom. I destroyed my old falling down furniture a YEAR AGO and my stuff is still in boxes. I need to repaint, put new flooring down and build the new furniture that's been lying around for months. It's not a fancy or difficult job, but I am a fabulous procrastinator. We have argued for months on what would be the optimal colour scheme. hmm I have, however, repainted my hall smile. There's no excuse, even Amazon deliver paint and DIY stuff now.

Wishingstarr Mon 27-Jul-20 06:14:14

I am on the West Coast of the US so will watch the very first episode of Killing Eve with the fam and then go to bed. Can't wait to hear about all you have accomplished while I was asleep!

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Wishingstarr Mon 27-Jul-20 15:29:46

Good Morning Procrastinators-no-more! Have you got any thing done yet? I just got up its 7:27am here.

Please join all who want get something done this week!

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PhilCornwall1 Mon 27-Jul-20 16:02:35

Hmmmm, we've got the list of all the stuff we now need for said bathroom and the costs, just need to transfer money and order it. Email to send tonight to the fitter to get a quote and then go from there.

It's a start at least.

Wishingstarr Mon 27-Jul-20 17:11:37

That's brilliant, a big part of any project is the planning/budgeting/prep etc.

I just pulled out my paperwork to get organized. Pay remaining bills and then get my financial software organized. (We also are having some windows replaced.)

I decided I am going to sort the whole house this week - it's not chaos it just has had 5 grown adults hanging out during lockdown and needs getting more organized. I am going to book a cleaner I know to come next week once everything is tidier. I have been recovering from cancer so my energy can be low. The house is really not terrible but it would help me feel really on top of everything if it's all very clean and organized. Gives my brain a spring clean! I will ask her what precautions she is taking against the virus. If we stay completely apart, she wears gloves and then we clean everything she touched on the way out I think we should be good. Same with getting the carpets cleaned.

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PhilCornwall1 Mon 27-Jul-20 17:37:31

Our place is good for things being organised and tidy (ignoring teenagers bedrooms that is grin), but the whole upstairs does need a freshen up, but lockdown scuppered me doing the boys' bedrooms. The bathroom though, that's just shot to pieces. We did a very quick replacement job when we moved in 16 years ago and it's never been touched since. Downstairs is spot on to be honest, so that's something.

We'll get there with it one way or the other.

Wishingstarr Mon 27-Jul-20 17:45:16

When I say 5 adults 3 are teens but my youngest is 14 and 6' so we are basically feeding and housing 5 adults, so it sounds like we are in the same boat. I would really like to decorate their rooms in August but won't get ahead of myself!

Although our 19 yr old is about to start her second yr of uni and is living with friends near campus but can drive home in 30 minutes.

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Wishingstarr Wed 29-Jul-20 02:57:35

Yay! I got a bunch of things on my list done, including all the bills paid and up to date, I ordered lots of attractive boxes to hide all my daughter's and her dad's sewing materials and bits so they can keep everything in a public area and it will all be hidden away (and pretend we are minimalists).

Ordered a mirror for our living room mantle that I had meant to do since the fireplace was refurbished and tiled.

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Frownette Wed 29-Jul-20 05:37:29

That sounds good @Wishingstarr.

I'm not actually procrastinating this week (too much on) but I'm sure I will sometime soon!

Gingernaut Wed 29-Jul-20 05:54:58

I've done 2 x two mile walks this week.

No obvious difference (of course), but baby steps

Wishingstarr Fri 31-Jul-20 01:59:37

Excellent Gingernut.

I need to get something done tomorrow, I lost motivation today and I don't even know why. Not being able to spend time with friends definitely doesn't help. My teens are lovely though, at least the house is still clean and tidy so... I spent the day thinking instead of doing. I wouldn't even say I was down or depressed it's a struggle to find meaning when the world is so crazy. Getting out and exercising definitely helps.

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