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Extra small school trousers for toddler

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Figmentofimagination Sun 26-Jul-20 11:15:38

Can anyone help me find school trousers for my toddler? He will start wearing a uniform for nursery in September. First child so this is all new territory for me.
He is 3yo, he needs 12-18month clothes for waist size and 18-24month clothes for leg length. He usually lives in tie waisted joggers or wears braces to keep his trousers up, but these aren't helpful for when he starts potting training.
I've been searching online but the smallest size I have found is 2-3 years. I know that some come with adjustable waists but think they won't adjust to his tiny waist size. I know I could get them made smaller, but I worry that age 2-3 will be too big to be taken in.

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Cetra638 Sun 26-Jul-20 11:18:00

We found next we’re very good for our DS who was always a couple of years in size behind his actual age (until he hit year 5 and suddenly caught up). The waist bands do pull in very tight and then you could get the legs hemmed.

Figmentofimagination Sun 26-Jul-20 11:19:57

Thank you Cetra. I will have a look.

And realised the above should say potty not potting 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Figmentofimagination Sun 26-Jul-20 12:08:09

Looking at next, smallest size is 3-4years, but they have some slim waist ones which can also be adjusted even further with elastic each size.
Trying to decide what is a better fastening for potty training - buttons or hook and bar? I was hoping for poppers but they don't seem to have any that aren't denim.

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Cetra638 Sun 26-Jul-20 12:11:08

There’s enough stretch in the waistband that they can just slide them up and down without undoing the buttons or hook. We always got the hook ones but you’ll probably find you won’t undo them.

TuckMyWin Sun 26-Jul-20 12:12:07

Marks and Spencer do skinny fit with adjustable waists and I think start at 2-3. I've found the Next skinny ones a better actual fit around the waist for my skinny ds though - less bagging at the bum when cinched in with the adjusters. So you might want to consider trying the age 3-4 and taking them up with wonderweb or something.

memememe Sun 26-Jul-20 13:05:34

have you checked with the school that he actually needs school trousers? looks of school nursery and reception classes allow them in leggings and tracksuit bottoms.

Flynn999 Sun 26-Jul-20 13:10:04

I know Sainsbury’s do school stuff in skinny fit. (Hopping they will be skinny enough for small ds). All their school trousers are elastic waist until age 5 then they do the hook fastening.

Despite the school having a uniform do the kids NEED to wear the school trousers, most of the nursery’s round here the kids wear the polos and jumpers with the logo on etc, but wear normal joggers instead of school trousers.

RedCatBlueCat Sun 26-Jul-20 13:47:53

Can he start in september in shorts?
Wont make the waists any smaller, but might help with the length.

BogRollBOGOF Sun 26-Jul-20 13:57:34

DS1 was a tiny twiggy 4 yo when he started reception and had M&S 2-3 trousers with the waists yoinked in.

Their trousers are double hemmed to let out for length too.

Whatthebloodyell Sun 26-Jul-20 14:01:43

I would check what he really needs to wear. Many nurseries attached to schools allow their nursery children to wear non uniform clothes. Many of the children at the nursery that mine attend, wear school colours, but just t shirts and joggers rather than the actual uniform.

itisntfriday0000000000l Sun 26-Jul-20 14:04:36

M&S id go for as well, slim aged 2/3 and I’d look at putting the legs up. Otherwise as it’s only nursery just put him in the trousers you’ve got that fit. Pretty certain they won’t care at all!

Figmentofimagination Sun 26-Jul-20 19:34:23

I've not actually asked his nursery if he has to wear school trousers, I just assumed he would be. It's a private nursery but I've been told that he will be required to wear their uniform from September. They sell the polos and jumpers.

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Sandytoes86 Sun 26-Jul-20 19:37:33

M&S slim 2-3 can be taken in using buttons around waist and could be taken up easily. The slim leg is better for a little one I think.

Sandytoes86 Sun 26-Jul-20 19:38:44

But I’m sure I’m a nursery they’d be fine with plain tracksuit bottoms especially if potty training !

user1471530109 Sun 26-Jul-20 19:41:18

Hi OP,
Sainsbury's is where you will find age 2 (not 2-3) school stuff. My dd is teeny tiny and on growth hormone. I managed to get all her uniform from there. She was in 18-2 yr stuff elsewhere at the time and I think the skirts has those adjustable waiste pull things. It's been a while, sorry.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 26-Jul-20 19:49:49

I told nursery that they did not do school trousers in 18 months old so he wore home trousers with a school top until he was big enough for the age 2-3. he then wore some school shop two to three trousers alternated with a pair of three to four supermarket I had taken up for dd.

BluebellsGreenbells Sun 26-Jul-20 20:01:22

My son was too small for uniform so he worn grey joggers. Teachers accepted it without question. He was tiny.

Figmentofimagination Sun 26-Jul-20 21:46:37

I think I'll talk to nursery this week and see what's required and discuss the fact that there aren't trousers small enough for him. Also, Sandytoes makes a very good point about potty training.

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GreyishDays Sun 26-Jul-20 21:49:28

When you say potty training, are you aiming to do that now? So he’ll be sorted by September more or less?

Figmentofimagination Sun 26-Jul-20 21:58:41

Not aiming to potty train right now, but over the next few months. We tried at the beginning of lockdown but he wasn't ready. He has a couple of developmental delays that have put him a bit behind.

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