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German/Austrian MNetters - help with family history?

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SockYarn Sun 26-Jul-20 10:36:46

Bit of a long shot and a long story.

My grandparents lived in a very rural, agricultural part of Scotland. During the War, several German/Austrian Prisoners of War were accommodated in a "Working Camp" which is now an agricultural college. These prisoners were billeted to local farms to help out. One of them was billeted to a farm local to my granny/granddad and they became friendly - friendly enough that after the war was over, the prisoner returned to Germany and sent them a Christmas card which my parents still have, and a photo.

Grandparents are long dead so I can't find out more from them, but I would love to track down this man's family and find out his story. I can get the card/photo from Mum and scan it in. I was thinking about sharing on social media but the main drawback is that I don't speak any German and we don't know where this man came from. Also I know that German privacy laws are tighter than in the UK.

Is there a general interest in digging up family history stories in Germany as there is in the UK? Any good websites or forums you can direct me to? And any other tips or information!

Danke! (and that's the sum total of my German, apart from being able to say excuse me, do you speak English).

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