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Neighbour's Sunday DIY

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NoImNotEntertained Sun 26-Jul-20 08:56:25

NDN moved in a few years ago. When they moved in we had constant hammering/banging for about 12-18 months as they remodelled bits of their house. They did often do work at weekends (including one Saturday when they used a jackhammering pneumatic drill all day angry) but we have never said anything, live and let live and all that.

They're alright people, 2 kids, only he talks to us. She never does.

When they first started all their works he told me they use Eastern European workers who are cheap but I'm assuming they must often only be available at weekends.
For the whole of June he was repairing his fence starting around 8:30am on Saturdays and Sundays, using hammers, drills and circular saws! This went on every Sunday for 4 weeks.

We went away at the beginning of July and I was so glad to escape the racket. (For context we have had a major demolition/excavation/rebuild) on the other side for the last 2 years so we have that to listen to during the weekdays.

We got back on Monday and I saw with dread another pile of materials outside "DIY Dan's" house. Sure enough, at 8:10 this morning the noise has started up again. I think they're excavating/digging in the garden so no power tools (yet) but lots of thudding as they hack at the garden with something and lots of shouting from one end of the garden to the other by his workers.

We are not the only neighbours, they have houses all around them and I'm amazed that they just don't give a shit that they are disturbing people, waking kids etc. It's also illegal to do noisy DIY at the weekend after 1pm on a Saturday.

I know the FIRST thing everyone will say is "just talk to them " probably with a confused face. My issue is, once you do that, it changes the dynamic considerably. She is quite an aggressive personality from the banshee-like shouting that I hear sometimes.

I exchange pleasantries with the husband when I see him but that's really the limit to our interaction. Plus, he's the one outside doing the Sunday work!
I was on the verge of reporting them to the council by the 4th Sunday of hammering and sawing but then saw on here that I would have to disclose that if we tried to sell our house as a dispute with the neighbours.

We could possibly talk to him but I get the impression she will definitely go nuclear which would then mean we are living in a horrible hostile environment going forward. I don't think they would react well.

I don't mind noise, we live on a main road, we have 3 kids and a dog but if they start arguing or making a racket I go outside and tell them to be quiet. The dog isn't noisy or a barker. We just make "normal" noise you know? Kids playing in the afternoon, the odd BBQ.

I feel like there isn't any reasoning with people who just don't give a shit. if they did they wouldn't be making the noise in the first place.

Would a note through the door reminding them of the laws about weekend noise be worth a try? Can you report without it becoming something you need to disclose? My heart just sinks every Sunday when I hear them starting up. My kids would love a sleep in but keep getting woken up by the noise.

Sorry, re-reading this it this may be just a pointless rant. Why are some neighbours such twats.

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wowfudge Sun 26-Jul-20 09:01:32

Putting a note through will change the dynamic far more than talking to them. I would ask how long he anticipates the work going on for and point out that it shouldn't happening after X time according to the council website. If you've been having noisy work done though then maybe it's about give and take? You could come across as hypocritical.

NoImNotEntertained Sun 26-Jul-20 09:02:55

The noisy work was the house on the other side of us. We haven't had any work done.

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NoImNotEntertained Sun 26-Jul-20 09:05:28

We have literally been sandwiched between the two of them for the last couple of years!
Has anyone ever had words or fallen out with neighbours over this type of thing but then it's all worked out ok in the end? I am just worried that it will become a nasty or sniping environment from here on in.

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DonLewis Sun 26-Jul-20 09:10:24

Are you in England? What law makes DIY noise illegal after 1pm?

ShipshapeShore Sun 26-Jul-20 09:16:55

Just wanted to sympathise. My neighbour is a retired carpenter and has been remodelling the back garden for the last 4 years which means every nice day he is out there with his bloody circular saw. I hate that thing. Seriously, there cannot be anything left for him to cut up within a 20 mile radius. Wood, slabs, tiles - it all gets chopped. I can't really say anything because I'd just be telling him to stop bloody sawing and then I'd be unreasonable!

NoImNotEntertained Sun 26-Jul-20 09:24:26

@ ShipshapeShore thank you! I'm sorry you're going through it too. Circular saws are a nightmare.

@ DonLewis - Our local council website states that they can issue a noise abatement order for work outside of those hours. It's deemed Nuisance apparently. The site manager of the works on the other side also told us what the time restrictions were during all that delightful process.

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wowfudge Sun 26-Jul-20 10:46:37

Sorry OP, I clearly misread that it was on the other side of you. Talk to them, but not when you are feeling riled by their work.

Shizzlestix Sun 26-Jul-20 11:13:26

I think asking when the work will complete (adding that it’s been constant for however long) is fair enough.

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