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Websites...friend needs one for her new business is it best to have one professionally designed or are any of the free ones any good?

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Overseasmom100 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:11:42

Friend has asked me about a website I ssid I coild help with writing info. It's for an architect business. Are any of the free ones any good or best to pay someone to develop and design?

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Treacletoots Sun 26-Jul-20 08:16:29

The free/cheap ones are perfectly adequate if you have decent images and content. However, as a professional service, I'd be inclined to pick an architect who had made an effort on the design and presentation of their website because, you're hiring them to improve the design and presentation of your home.

Also bear in mind, a website has two audiences, your end user and the search engines, and if you don't build the site with SEO in mind it will be a ballache to retrofit it. (This is my day job...)

Overseasmom100 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:29:55

I think they should go to a web desinger like you say not just about the end user it's anoit getting to them in the 1st place!

Time is valuable so money well spent on my opinion

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Overseasmom100 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:40:46

Friend has been recommended Webflow and Ucraft

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