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5 year old still waking at night

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Bradpittsarmpitts Sat 25-Jul-20 20:56:30

Dows anyone else’s just turned 5 year old still wake once a night or maybe more? It’s usually for something like she is cold and can’t pull her blanket back on, or sometimes just to offload what’s on her mind. Does it just change one day? Help!

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BereftOfInk Sat 25-Jul-20 21:01:59

I'm pretty sure mine did at that age. Have you tried turning the bedcovers across the bed and tucking one side under the mattress/down the wall if she's by it? That stopped our being cold at night. Mines 7 now and comes maybe once or twice a week, then nothing for a while and, phases basically.

Bradpittsarmpitts Sat 25-Jul-20 21:05:57

Thanks for the idea about the blanket. She doesn’t like duvets so we have a giant fleece blanket for her and that is so big both sides tuck completely under the mattress entirely! I don’t mind when she wriggles out, gets cold, I tuck her back in and she sleeps. It’s when it’s the middle of the night and she yabbers on! I guess I need to suck it up as one day I will miss it! After 5 years though I may possibly be saying that through gritted teeth!

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