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How much do you weigh if 5'3 and a size 14?

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Lovingmylife Sat 25-Jul-20 08:08:03

Ok so I know body shapes differ.

I'm on a diet and size 14 is my goal, rather than weight but as it's far away, I'd like to know what I might be aiming for.


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BwanaMakubwa Sat 25-Jul-20 08:09:05

Around 11-11.5 stone

Isawabluebird Sat 25-Jul-20 08:09:05

12/14 - 10st 7.

Mostlikely Sat 25-Jul-20 08:10:54

10.5 - 11 stone

newphoneswhodis Sat 25-Jul-20 08:12:24

11.3. But still quite overweight. I'd like to be 9stone.

Mostlikely Sat 25-Jul-20 08:12:44

Depends where you shop though. I am currently 9 stone and have clothes size 10, 12 and 14 and all fit.

MissMarplesHandbag Sat 25-Jul-20 08:13:33

5’2.5 and 12/14.
9 st 10

CountFosco Sat 25-Jul-20 08:14:19

At 5'3" you'll still be very overweight at size 14, you probably need to get down to size 10. But aim for a weight - the healthy weight range for your height is 7st 6lb - 10st 1lb.

Bananabread8 Sat 25-Jul-20 08:15:28

This won’t be much use because some people are a lot heavier than they look. Height is also just a big factor as your weight.

Blankiefan Sat 25-Jul-20 08:19:36

I'm 5ft 3inch and a size 14. I'm currently 12 stone 12 pounds. I've been 11 stone 8 and a size 14 too but probably nudging a 12/14 at that point. (I have good muscle mass so that adds to my weight).

Orchidflower1 Sat 25-Jul-20 08:20:22

@CountFosco op would not still be VERY overweight at a size 14😱

Iggly Sat 25-Jul-20 08:22:37

op would not still be VERY overweight at a size 14

They would at that height!!

I’m pushing a size 12 I’m 5’4” and feel overweight.

We’ve lost sight of what is a healthy weight and it goes some way to explaining why we are one of the fattest nations in Europe.

Bananabread8 Sat 25-Jul-20 08:23:12

@Orchidflower1 you are quite over weight at a size 14 and only 5ft 3. If my size 12 jeans ever get tight I know I need to cut down. I’m a size 10 in a top but a lot more bottom heavy so wear a 12 usually.

Chicchicchicchiclana Sat 25-Jul-20 08:24:27

CountFosco - what on earth do you think you are doing? Op has said she has a way to go to get to size 14 and you're already trashing her efforts! Ffs.

Chicchicchicchiclana Sat 25-Jul-20 08:26:46

Op to answer your question, I am just under 5'3" and wear a size 14 at 10.5 to 11 stoneish.

Chestnut23 Sat 25-Jul-20 08:27:46

10st and a size 12

Treacletoots Sat 25-Jul-20 08:27:51

Really interesting. I'm 5ft 5 so a bit taller, and at size 14 I weigh 11.5 stone.

Ive been all sizes over the years and noted on average one stone equalled a dress size or there abouts. also, pregnancy has changed my shape so I struggle now with some clothes on the waist, but not hips (used to be the other way round)

SallyWD Sat 25-Jul-20 08:28:32

I'd aim for weight not clothes size. I'm between 5ft7 and 8 and am a little overweight at size 14. Sizes have definitely got bigger. I'm now just over 10 stone and a size 12. In my late teens I starved myself to 8.5 stone and was very thin at my height but a size 12! So a current size 14 is pretty big, I think. Like an old 16.

Ruralbliss Sat 25-Jul-20 08:29:01


At 5'3" you'll still be very overweight at size 14, you probably need to get down to size 10. But aim for a weight - the healthy weight range for your height is 7st 6lb - 10st 1lb.

I'm 5'3" and size 14 and weigh just over 11 stone. I do not identify as 'very' overweight!

Yes I'd like to lose weight but mainly because a lot of my gorgeous clothes were bought when I was smaller.
I don't seem to have any trouble attracting the opposite sex at this weight.

DiddlySquatty Sat 25-Jul-20 08:31:16

It’s been a while 😂 but around 11st for me b I’m probably more like 5’3 and a half.
But I I have narrow shoulders

Ihaventgottimeforthis Sat 25-Jul-20 08:31:24

10.5 stone ish & size 12, usually.
I should be under 10 stone ideally.
Good luck with your goals 👍

Bananabread8 Sat 25-Jul-20 08:33:13

This is not about being pretty or who you can attract. Facts is at 5ft 3 and a size 14 your BMI will not be in the range it should be

HidingFromDD Sat 25-Jul-20 08:35:51

Size 14 and same height, but 12st 7. I just weigh very heavy. At 10st, so top of the weight for my height, I was size 8/10, and a 6 in m&s. PP was right though, about a stone per dress size for me too

Orchidflower1 Sat 25-Jul-20 08:36:34

The word. VERY is what I’m picking up on.

@Lovingmylife ignore the people who are casting aspersions on your admirable target. I’m sure the ones commenting that they “feel overweight” at a size 12 are svelte like with gazelle legs and flowing hair.

well done @Lovingmylife for taking steps to a healthier happier life. Size is an odd thing as there is so must variability within shops.

Im 3 different sizes depending on where I shop. (FYI 10,12 and 14 for those twiggy gazelles that out there).

Go with what suits your height, body shape and lifestyle.

CountFosco Sat 25-Jul-20 08:42:54

It's quite interesting just quite how offended people are about the truth about weight. I was quite factual, with vanity sizing size 14 is very overweight for a short woman, if the OP was 6' then it could well be a healthy clothes size. I gave the healthy BMI range and for the vast majority of people that is accurate (male Olympic level weight lifters being one exception, the other being those with very low muscle mass who would still be an unhealthy weight with a BMI of 25). The OP should aim for a healthy weight. That's not to say that she can't be attractive at a higher weight. Attractiveness is not about weight.

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