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Please help decipher this handwriting?

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SocialSpider Fri 24-Jul-20 12:39:27

I ordered a set of 3 books through ebay for DD (from the same supplier). 2 have arrived today but the third one is missing. There's a scribbled note next to the missing one on the invoice. I can't make it out? Thought it might be "sent sept" (as in posted separately?) but the first word doesn't look right to me. Opinions please? smile

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FortunesFave Fri 24-Jul-20 12:44:19

2nd word is "Sept" as in September.

First word begins with S and ends in t.

Ashdownstar Fri 24-Jul-20 12:45:33

I read it as sent Sept too.

Awrite Fri 24-Jul-20 12:47:12

Select Sept

Sparticle Fri 24-Jul-20 12:47:37

I'd probably just contact the seller through eBay to ask where the third book is - sorry that probably doesn't help!

Awrite Fri 24-Jul-20 12:48:29

Very similar to my handwriting. I grew up in an African country so old school handwriting.

tiredanddangerous Fri 24-Jul-20 12:48:41

Sent sept

Mabelface Fri 24-Jul-20 12:51:14

Sent separately

AdaColeman Fri 24-Jul-20 12:52:32

Message them to find out where the lost part of your order is?

cushioncovers Fri 24-Jul-20 12:53:49

Sent separately

Eminybob Fri 24-Jul-20 12:55:24

Given the situation, I would say it’s a very hurried scribble that is supposed to say “sent separately”

Newbiehere123 Fri 24-Jul-20 12:59:13

Sent separately

tectonicplates Fri 24-Jul-20 13:07:21

Unless they meant sent separately? Maybe it's being sent from a different warehouse or something.

SocialSpider Fri 24-Jul-20 13:53:41

Thanks all - hopefully the missing book will arrive soon and I will message the seller if it doesn't.

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MinnieJackson Fri 24-Jul-20 17:06:56

Maybe 'xpect' sept? confused

nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Fri 24-Jul-20 17:30:15

Either sent separately or Next Sept. As in put of stock, next delivery due September.

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