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Is it possible to toilet train a 2 year old who still bfs at night?

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Tiredandfedup21 Fri 24-Jul-20 10:01:48

Dd showing all telltale signs of wanting to potty train. Knows when she is going for a wee, wants to be changed straight away, hides in private for poops grin

The only thing I’m worried about is she still breastfeeds a few times a night. I would love to cut this out but she gets very upset otherwise! Has anyone got any tips on night weaning or is it better to just toilet train her for day times and tackle the night later?

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TeddyIsaHe Fri 24-Jul-20 10:03:36

I toilet trained dd and bf throughout.

Night time training isn’t the same as day time, they need a specific hormone that stops peeing overnight, some are dry instantly, others can take a year or two at night.

Dd was fully potty trained in the day at 2.3, and dry overnight at 3. Bf didn’t make a jot of difference to it.

RosieLemonade Fri 24-Jul-20 10:09:52

I don’t think it matters really. She will only go dry through the night when the right hormone kicks in.

mindutopia Fri 24-Jul-20 11:17:00

As others have said, it won't matter. They go dry at night when they're ready. It's very normal for that not to happen until 5/6/7. She likely won't still be bf then, so I'd crack on.

Tiredandfedup21 Fri 24-Jul-20 12:53:15

That’s amazing, had no idea about the hormone thing! Going to give it a go this weekend. Has anyone had success with the 3 day potty training routine?

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