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Anyone got the Cosatto Yay?

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Florencenotflo Thu 23-Jul-20 17:06:28

I'm looking for a compact stroller for days out etc. I have my travel system (tank) but I need something smaller.

I've seen the Cosatto yay, but when I try and find reviews or videos on you tube it comes back with results for Cosatto whoosh. Are these the same pushchair? Has anyone had the Yay?

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BuildaClaire Tue 28-Jul-20 16:41:45

I'm having the same problem, I went to see strollers in smyths and they had the yay and it seemed really nice but only been able to push it on their floor so it was smooth.
The difference seems to be the wheels are just one instead of double wheels - not sure why but I hate the double wheels so wasnt keen on the whoosh. They seem to have discontinued the yay which is making me worry theres something wrong with it but I might buy it anyway :L

Florencenotflo Sat 15-Aug-20 22:11:05

@BuildaClaire I've only just seen your reply! I think from watching review videos that the yay is the first version of the whoosh. There is now the whoosh 2. I've just bought the whoosh 2 and I love it. Nice and compact, Dd is comfy in it. It has the double wheel at the front but it's lovely to push. Probably no good for off road walks but we do more seafront walks and parks.

All in all, very impressed.

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