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Are any of you going for a holiday in the coming weeks?

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mamalicious3030 Wed 22-Jul-20 16:22:19

I just wondered if lots of people are going away now lockdown has been eased. We haven't had a proper holiday for years due to having small children's only owning our house for 3 years. My husband is hugging about it but We have a 3 month old baby who is the size of a newborn as the baby was premature, and a 3 year old too. I'm on statutory maternity leave and all the insurances MOT etc is due and my husband is huffing because he's not getting a holiday but everyone else is! I don't have any friends besides 1 who is going away. He is driving me crazy. We had the same argument last year as we didn't have the money but he wanted to go anyway and put it on a credit card. Even if we did have the money I wouldn't enjoy it feeding the baby every 3 hours, expressing etc and getting no sleep. I don't see the point. I often wonder if it's all for show for him. His colleagues are going away and he's not so he looks a saddo or something. Whereas I don't care what people think. I feel like telling him to grow up! Additionally are visitor attractions all open? Are there limitations on visitor numbers etc? I just don't see the point. Please let me know your thoughts or if I'm being unreasonable.

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TokyoSushi Wed 22-Jul-20 16:24:17

We're going to Cornwall in a few weeks. From the people I know I'd say it's about 50/50 between UK breaks or not going anywhere. I only know one family going abroad.

Nottobesoldseparately Wed 22-Jul-20 16:33:23

We have a caravan. We have been away once already and have 4 more trips booked.

One was booked last year (as we left the site), the others have all been booked since lockdown eased.

Rldx2 Wed 22-Jul-20 16:35:23

We're going away in a few weeks to Norfolk for the week, we booked it pretty much a year ago but we were fully prepared for it to be cancelled but it wasn't. After a few days discussing our options we decided we will still be going, it's self catering accommodation and plenty of outside space, my children are older than yours though x

Waspie Wed 22-Jul-20 16:40:59

We are going this weekend to Yorkshire. Booked the cottage last year. It's in the middle of nowhere (moors) and is fully self contained with outside space. I'm so looking forward to it grin.

Rosieredapples Wed 22-Jul-20 16:41:03

We are going abroad but visiting family that live there. The flight feels the most uncomfortable part of it right now. My parents in law have plenty of room where they live, there's my sister I n law ten minutes from them with a pool and it's coastal and fairly quiet.
We are exhausted and looking forward to it though more concerned than usual.
I know families taking UK breaks, one other family going overseas and everyone else is staying put till later in the year.

mindutopia Wed 22-Jul-20 16:57:02

Yes, we’re going away end of August, holiday cottage in the UK, for a week. We were supposed to be moving so I’ve been saving up lots of annual leave - but vendors pulled out just before exchange after us waiting and pushing to get purchase completed all through lockdown. I’ve been trying to work through lockdown with our 7 & 2 year olds. So yes, desperately need a break!

Some things are open but we aren’t going to any attractions. Not worth the risk and I’m not sure it’s super responsible to go on holiday and be around loads of people if you wouldn’t do it at home (I wouldn’t). I just want to stay at home and take walks and drink wine in someone else’s garden and not my own that I’ve been stuck in for 4 months.

Nearly everyone I work with is also going on holiday in the next month as well. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t put yourself in debt, but a change of scenery could do you all good even if only for a couple days away.

H1978 Wed 22-Jul-20 17:11:57

Going away on Friday until Wednesday, caravan park on the Isle of Wight. I’ll be disinfecting everything as soon as I arrive. Still feeling a bit anxious about going but we could really do with the break. 😕

Hollywhiskey Wed 22-Jul-20 17:14:17

We're on UK holiday. Most attractions are open. It's lovely. We're just washing our hands more.

JacobReesMogadishu Wed 22-Jul-20 17:16:47

I’m going away in my own caravan to a rural U.K. area and planning on walking and cycling. So I might need to nip to the odd shop but won’t be bothering with visitor attractions.

I had been thinking about possibly going to Osbourne house while in the area but the house is shut, only the gardens are open so probably won’t bother.

Nixen Wed 22-Jul-20 17:20:44

We are going abroad in 3 weeks. Our big 3 week long holiday was cancelled but at least it’s something!

Turnedouttoes Wed 22-Jul-20 17:23:38

Yes we’re going abroad for 5 nights in 3 weeks. However, we did change our big holiday to Christmas as it was very expensive and we didn’t want to risk it.

To be honest I don’t know anyone else going away so soon but DP is a workaholic and if I don’t physically get him out of the country he will never take any time off and he’s exhausted. Plus I quite like the sunshine grin

LadyCatStark Wed 22-Jul-20 17:39:43

Our holiday to Turkey in October was cancelled yesterday 😡. There’s no point trying to book anything in this country for the summer as we live by the sea anyway and we’re up north so it’ll only rain. I’d like to go to Cornwall but I expect the world and his wife will be going there and it’s hours and hours to drive there from our house. I hate corona virus!!

MinnieMountain Wed 22-Jul-20 17:50:08

We're going to Pembrokeshire for 2 weeks in August. Booked last year.

The only people I know who are flying are relatives who live in Spain visiting their parents in England.

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