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Resale service for clothes - any recommendations?

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Duvetstay Wed 22-Jul-20 15:12:07

I've been sorting out clothes in lockdown and I have heaps of stuff I don't wear anymore. Lots of it I'm sure could be resold, it's Boden / Reiss type stuff and in good condition.

I really don't have time atm to put it on ebay as I've done in the past and it never seems worth the money for the effort it takes. If someone could pick it up and do it I wouldn't mind paying 50% or whatever. I'm sure I heard things like that existed but Google revealing nothing.

Has anyone used anything like that? Any recommendations?


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DarlingCoffee Wed 22-Jul-20 15:58:14

Thrift plus is my go to - you don’t get money per se but credit to buy more clothes on their site or you can use the credit obtained to get a John Lewis/Waitrose voucher. They also donate to a charity of your choice too.

Duvetstay Wed 22-Jul-20 16:17:03

Thanks darlingcoffee. I'd not heard of them but looks great. I'd rather the £ then a voucher but the charity element is good. Do they split it 50/50? Looks really easy too which is what I need at the moment!!

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Finfintytint Wed 22-Jul-20 16:22:56

Someone at my local market hired a stall just for a couple of Saturdays and sold their collection. Our market allows very short rentals though as it’s quite empty.

wowfudge Wed 22-Jul-20 16:45:52

There's a secondhand market near us - it's £5 for the stall on Sundays. Otherwise some local Facebook pages have people who act as sellers on behalf of others - you can sometimes spot them as they post about several local businesses and sell things. Tbh there's not much to be made in secondhand clothes, I'd give them to a charity shop or hold a swishing party.

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