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Panic attacks and sickness

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Goatsgogo Wed 22-Jul-20 01:26:16

At about 10 tonight I had a panic attack, I know the reasoning, they’re not too common for me but they do happen occasionally, but it’s now 1.22am and I’m still awake because I still feel so sick. I know other people have this stuff way worse but they have them so regularly but I have felt so rubbish for a few days with a high temperature and shoulder blade and pain around my ribs and I just wanted a good nights sleep. I always struggle to sleep when I feel sick and my stomach gets a bit dodgy and TMI but I have to go to the bathroom more than usual. What can I do? I’m trying not to sit and feel sorry for myself, I’ve had tv on to try and take my mind off of it and I’ve tried to get some sleep but nothing works.

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penelopeplums Wed 22-Jul-20 01:46:19

I find that putting the cooling fan on helps, not sure if it's the white noise or the cooling but probably both as I'm partially deaf and it still works when I can't hear it. That and playing games on my tablet like sudokus, crosswords and word searches when it wasn't a really bad one.

Rebeccasmoonnecklace Wed 22-Jul-20 01:48:25

Have you tried any relaxation exercises? YouTube has some good videos on Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It’s good that you know the trigger for the panic attack, some are so debilitating and the effects can last for a while.

OP, I also think you need to discuss how you are feeling with your GP as you state you have a high temp and pain, sounds like there may be something else going on for you physically.

Hope you feel better soon flowers

Goatsgogo Wed 22-Jul-20 02:02:09

Thank you, I will try these and hopefully they’ll help. And I thought about it but I didn’t want to disrupt doctors during the whole Covid situation. Thank you everyone!

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Rebeccasmoonnecklace Wed 22-Jul-20 02:15:03

You’re welcome smile I’m sure you won’t be disrupting your doctor. High temp is a sign of Covid so you can get them to rule that out for you too.

Goatsgogo Wed 22-Jul-20 03:28:05

Thank you, I don’t think it’s Covid related, it’s been around my right lower rib, but it might be. But even if it was I just didn’t want to disturb them as I’m okay.

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