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What makes you happy

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Elephanttrunk Tue 21-Jul-20 19:55:28

In these times of stress and uncertainty what are the things that make you happy?
One of mine is sitting peacefully with a nice cup of coffee watching the clouds go by

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optimisticpessimist01 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:01:27

Sitting on the doorstep in the morning with a cuppa watching the sun come up

Elephanttrunk Tue 21-Jul-20 20:17:00

Sounds lovely optimistic
I also love a hot relaxing bath with an aromatic bath bomb

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AramintaPepperminta Tue 21-Jul-20 20:19:16

Tending my plant family! I have a lot of rare plants and I enjoy trying to keep them alive

Molly333 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:19:38

My bed . I'm at my happiest going to bed early either watching crap tv or reading a book as the rest of my life is too serious

Campingintheraintoday Tue 21-Jul-20 20:21:14

Hearing my dpuppy scraping at the bedroom door thing then coming for a cuddle before I get up!

ssd Tue 21-Jul-20 20:21:19

Watching the breeze blowing through the leaves on the tress.
I love it.

LunaNorth Tue 21-Jul-20 20:22:09

Taking my dog for a walk. I have beautiful countryside where I live, and we have a special log in the woods where we’ll sit and share an apple and have some water.

If I feel down or stressed, it’s like a mini-mini-break.

Bigbouncingbaby Tue 21-Jul-20 20:24:25

Going for a run early before everyone up ... sun coming through trees in the forest . Bliss

Elephanttrunk Tue 21-Jul-20 20:25:59

Beautiful pictures Luna
I also love reading a good book in bed, must get my kindle out and pick something new to read

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Floralnomad Tue 21-Jul-20 20:26:52

Walking my lovely dog and horse riding .

Rebelwithallthecause Tue 21-Jul-20 20:28:58

Watching my plants grow
Seeing the birds visit
Hot baths in the evening
Cold nights snuggled into DH’s arms
Watching my 9 week old baby smile and laugh

purrswhileheeats Tue 21-Jul-20 20:35:36

I love coming home from work and my kitties all rushing up to me, purring and tumbling over themselves. I know it's cupboard love but then they all compete for cuddles later.

I'm also lucky, I live close to the sea and wake up every morning and see the Med when I open my curtains.

ILiveInSalemsLot Tue 21-Jul-20 20:37:29

Being somewhat productive makes me happy. I feel quite low if I can’t get a few things off my checklist.
Usually it would be exercise, getting the kids out for a bit - garden is good enough some days, doing some work, reading, eating well and keeping on top of the chores.
I know that’s a dull answer but if those things aren’t done then no amount of relaxing in the garden or watching the clouds go by makes me happy.
If they are done, then yes, watching birds, looking at stars, watching a decent film, reading in the garden are all things that I love.

Splattherat Tue 21-Jul-20 20:41:26

Just being outdoors does it for me.

Coffee and a nice biscuit.

Or I sometimes listen to a 5 minute meditation on you tube (its almost like a mini sleep in the middle of the day I feel amazing afterwards for little effort).

Having extra time working from home to put body moisturiser on after my shower.

Lunch time at home with DH at home as both still working from home.

BackforGood Tue 21-Jul-20 20:49:49

Laughing with my family.

Elephanttrunk Tue 21-Jul-20 20:52:13

I get what you mean @ILiveInSalemsLot ...sometimes, a lot these days, I don’t have the energy or motivation to do the mundane things like exercise, chores etc but if I actively do something from my happy list it gives me the boost I need to then go on and do the things that need to be done.

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Poetryinaction Tue 21-Jul-20 21:16:27

Swimming. Being alone. Fresh air. Friends.

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