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Where shall we move to? Talk up your town!

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Chipsahoy Tue 21-Jul-20 20:04:27

Thanks. Yes it would definitely be an u north move. We are currently in the east mids.
Yorkshire and lancashire seem to be the best option. I considered the lakes too as plenty of houses in budget.
Peak district also very affordable which I found surprising.

It's depressing that a budget of 350k wouldn't go anywhere down a south. But then I guess if we lived there we'd be on south wages..

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Nottobesoldseparately Tue 21-Jul-20 17:31:59

I'm Yorkshire, near Leeds and my town and surrounding ones would be perfect for you, but we are more than an hour from the coast.
Half an hour I'm on the moors, 45 mins I'm in the dales, we regularly comment on how lucky we are to have it all on our doorstep.

mogloveseggs Tue 21-Jul-20 17:31:05

Ramsbottom near bury as well

mogloveseggs Tue 21-Jul-20 17:30:25

Ah Rossendale is fab! Ribble valley too

elfiey Tue 21-Jul-20 17:27:10

I don't live there personally but I know people who do. Rossendale Lancashire. You may be able to find something within your budget too.

NewYearNewTwatName Tue 21-Jul-20 17:26:55

I would recommend my home town, but I'm planning on moving back there in a few years time, and I'd still like to be able to afford too wink So I wont be bigging it up for all to see grin

betteliefsen Tue 21-Jul-20 17:25:11

I'd have suggested our part of the Cotswolds until I saw your budget - not a hope in hell unless you want a 2x2 garden shed. TBH that's no bad thing as there were so many tourists today we couldn't socially distance and go out - I wish people would be a bit more considerate.

Atadaddicted Tue 21-Jul-20 17:22:16

My beautiful SE town ticks every box and so so much more

But.... £350k no chance

And with good reason - otherwise we’d have a population of millions!

Chipsahoy Tue 21-Jul-20 17:20:05

I asked this a little while ago when I was struggling between wales and east Yorks and decided on east Yorks.
However, things have changed that now mean we can pretty much live anywhere in England. So Dh was so where a bit more hilly.

It's exciting and also daunting.

We want hills, not flat landscape.
In safe running distance of a pretty park or countryside to run in.
No further than an hour from the sea.
No further than an hour from a fairly large city.
Within a mile of a primary and a secondary school.
Good internet speed as Dh works full time at home.
Budget is 350k. Four beds needed.

We like the look of the whole of yorkshire! And also ribble Valley in lancashire. Oh and peak district..

Feel a bit rushed due to no stamp duty right now..

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