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I got a parking fine last year and haven't herd back

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AdoreTheBeach Tue 21-Jul-20 09:23:58

Ok OP. You’re taking steps now and that’s good. It can get sorted.

Do you have your original email? If so, check the email address with the council and if it’s correct, forward your original email that you’re following up and would like to confirm the status of your appeal

If it’s not correct email, forward your original email stating that you’d had the incorrect email address last year, that you’re following this up now and would like to know the status to endures it’s addressed.

This will start the ball rolling. I’m sure in your original email you had indignation to help identify your ticket. You should also refer to your licence plate number.

Just to confirm, is your car registers to your current address? Have you moved at all? Check that too.

Deep breaths. You can sort this. You’re taking steps to do so now.

CrimeCantCrackItself Tue 21-Jul-20 08:21:45

Phone the council? If it's been appealed and your reason was accepted then brilliant.

If it's been sent onwards to an enforcement company then they will know which company and you can go from there. It can take months for enforcement companies to send out notification that they have aquired your debt, so the sooner you get investigating the better.

Chocolate2020 Tue 21-Jul-20 07:39:07

Tbh I wasn't sure if my reason would have been good enough ( my child disappeared in the local massive park and I was around 15 mins late)

I didn't receive any confirmation it was received. My husband has had a few parking fines in London and he has received somthing in the post before saying he needs to pay and always said parking fines never go away..

This is the sort of stuff that wakes me up in the middle of the night for no reason 😅

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AdoreTheBeach Tue 21-Jul-20 05:59:36

Can I ask on what grounds you appealed? Could help identify what the outcome may have been. For example I have appealed because my parking ticket flipped over on the dashboard due to it being a windy day. Sent in photo of the ticket showing I paid for that day/time and the parking fine was dropped. Took months to get that in writing via email and it went to spam. I did get a confirmation though when I endured to begin with.

Did you get acknowledgement that your email was received?

Don’t fret over this. You can sort it out no matter what has happened. Once you have, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Chocolate2020 Tue 21-Jul-20 04:08:11

, please no hate I'm already kicking myself for forgetting 😭

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Chocolate2020 Tue 21-Jul-20 04:03:50

I sent an email to appeal and I didn't hear anything back and due to mental health issues and medical problems I forgot to chase it up, I came across the ticket but the case number isnt readable.

I haven't got a ccj from this and my credit score isn't bad.

Im panicing because I havent recieved an email or letter.
The parking fine was from the local council owned public car park.

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