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Am I pregnant??

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Cowegg Mon 20-Jul-20 19:26:36

This might be abit lengthy but I guess im just looking for some sort of answer from others experience .

So last year in August i had a missed miscarriage. Then in december i had another miscarriage. I have previously had 2 other children all fine and healthy, no problems. Anyway I was told at the hospital that my progesterone was low when they dome bloods and when I returned for more bloods that's when the miscarriage was confirmed. But... I had loads of negatives and positive tests. My positives where only very faint and when I miscarried I was nearly 11 weeks pregnant. But inbetween the positives I'd get negatives too.

Fast forward abit to now.. I was due on my period on the 3rd of july I missed that period and had what I k ow is implantation bleeding. It lasted exactly 3 days. Started pink and watery and then went brown. Didnt really need a pad. Anyway I took a cheap test and negative. Called my doctor who booked for blood 2 weeks later (today) to check my progesterone etc and hcg levels. Since then.. I took a clear blue rapid detection and got a positive.. I took another one... positive... I took a clear blue digital.. negative... had bloods done today and I know they will give the answer but those wont be for another week yet. I'm just so confused as I had the positives and negatives with my last pregnancy and then I lost the baby. So I just want to hear if anyone had similar situations and what the outcome was

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