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I hate coffee so tell me which one I should start drinking

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BorisTheBellend Mon 20-Jul-20 18:35:39


I am so tired these days. I can't seem to get through the day without needing a nap if I am up earlier than 10am which is just ridiculous. I have never been a morning person so I have always hated early morning rises but even if I am up at 9am I am so, so tired by 3pm.

I am seeing the GP about various health issues so definitely could be related to one of those.

In the meantime, in order to gain some more energy when I really need it, I thought I'd do what lots of people do for a kick and that is take up coffee! But I hate the smell and taste of the normal stuff. What could I try to introduce me to coffee? I think I'd like creamy/hazlenut/caramel type things that I imagine I could order in places like starbucks but what do I ask for? What could I make at home?

*Disclaimer....I do know that this won't solve my problems but when I have appointments etc to go to and need a little kick then I think coffee might be a little safer than energy tablets etc.

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Bloodybridget Mon 20-Jul-20 18:37:32

Just take ProPlus!

HogDogKetchup Mon 20-Jul-20 18:37:46

Can you try tea or something else with caffeine in?

Bloodybridget Mon 20-Jul-20 18:39:03

Sorry, I see you ruled them out at the end of your post. But honestly, those disgusting caramel latte whatevers don't deserve to be called coffee, and they're hugely calorific, if that matters to you.

ThousandsAreSailing Mon 20-Jul-20 18:39:34

Don't. I'm trying to wean myself off coffee. It's so bad for your bladder and mine is sensitive enough as it is

BorisTheBellend Mon 20-Jul-20 18:41:41

Yes calories would be an issue for me as I'm trying to lose weight. So I guess the sweeter type coffees aren't a good idea.

I've tried proplus, they are great for a little while but then I seem to get a massive slump and feel worse than before once they wear off.

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HaveTeaWillSurvive Mon 20-Jul-20 18:41:55

I was the same about coffee but started with hazelnut lattes and I love them now (still can’t stand regular coffee). Since lockdown I’ve been having these with caramel syrup from Asda and they’re surprisingly drinkable so will be sticking with these - they’re normally £1.50 so 20p vs £3 at Starbucks!!!

Divebar Mon 20-Jul-20 18:42:27

Well I wouldn’t try personally but how about a Mocha which should be a coffee with a shot of chocolate in but seems to be made nowadays as a hot chocolate with a shot of coffee in. Otherwise I dare say there are other drinks available which promise more energy - although stay away from Red Bull and the like.

BikeRunSki Mon 20-Jul-20 18:42:45

I hate coffee and it hates me. I have drink it < 5 times ever and get by just fine not drinking it.
I drink gallons of tea, Red Bull if I need to stay awake for a very long time*. Usually if I am very tired, it’s due to low iron. Flapjack.

* I work on a call out rota that can sometimes mean I get called out for s redpjbse job at the end of a day. It’s been known for me to be awake for 30 hours.

thedevilinablackdress Mon 20-Jul-20 18:43:31

Espresso, let it cool a bit. Knock it back like a shot of tequila. I'm only half kidding.
Or just have or with milk and brown sugar. Don't be faffing with syrups and the like.

EssentialHummus Mon 20-Jul-20 18:44:27

Not what you asked but please get your thyroid levels checked.

Divebar Mon 20-Jul-20 18:44:31

Oh just seen your update re calories... probably not a good idea then. I did have a Vietnamese coffee which had a really strong chocolate taste ( although apparently nothing added)

MysteryParcels Mon 20-Jul-20 18:46:46

I've tried proplus, they are great for a little while but then I seem to get a massive slump and feel worse than before once they wear off.

What do you think coffee is going to do that is different to this?

An exercise break, fresh air, a rest break, those things would serve you better. X

gingerbeerandlemonade Mon 20-Jul-20 18:59:41

I hated coffee (now I adore it) I started with mocha. Then I moved onto iced coffee then gingerbread latte. Now I drink black coffee a lot and have filter coffee each morning! Enjoy 🙂

rottiemum88 Mon 20-Jul-20 19:19:51

How much would you be willing to spend? We have a bean to cup machine and order kopi luwak beans every now and again. It's not to everyone's taste I imagine because of their origins, but it's also not like any other coffee I've tasted. It's really mild and not at all bitter, which makes it really drinkable. Still has a good caffeine hit though

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