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Just had a wisdom tooth extracted - please help me avoid dry socket

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0pheIiaBaIIs Mon 20-Jul-20 14:25:04

I had the molar next to it removed just before Christmas and was in dry socket hell most of December and into January. Luckily this wisdom tooth was freakishly tiny (about a centimetre long, single root and all) and the extraction was easy peasy (actual seconds as opposed to almost an hour last time) so for both reasons I hope I'll avoid the dreaded DS. But I also know that having it once increases your risk, so I'm a bit worried.

Main question is - last time, it bled like a bastard for ages (not gushing exactly but pretty badly). I just let it crack on because ironically I thought using the wadding the dentist provided might dislodge the clot. Today's site is bleeding a fair bit - should I wad or leave it be? What level of bleeding is 'desirable'? And how long should I keep a dressing on it - rest of today (with regular changes) maybe?

Also, being a smaller hole is the likelihood of DS reduced or is that just wishful thinking?

By the way, I just want to say that a dentist appointment during a pandemic seems like a weird/scary prospect but it was actually the least stressful one I've ever had. No waiting and all done and dusted super quickly.

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MillyMollyMardy Mon 20-Jul-20 21:26:50

Dentist here. You're right some people seem to be more prone to dry sockets.
A straighforward and quick extraction is unlikely to become a dry socket but things to avoid; smoking, swilling out, disturbing it.
Use the pack, roll it up firmly place it over the socket and bite down firmly for at least 10 minutes, take it out, check it's stopped bleeding and leave it alone.
No rinsing, no checking you want the clot to stay put.

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