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So stuck on MBA presentation referencing can anyone help?

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slurpysoup Sun 19-Jul-20 14:14:26

Do I need to cite an image that I've copied from a. Website but holds no relevance to the text and simply put in the presentation to make my presentation look pretty?!

If so how do I do that? I'm simply using things like clip art and cut and paste them in.

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LouiseTrees Sun 19-Jul-20 14:20:09

Depends if it is a stock photo or one which is copyrighted

AudTheDeepMinded Sun 19-Jul-20 14:22:17

I would definitely reference the origin of an image to be on the safe side. Where was it from? Internet/book?

linerforlife Sun 19-Jul-20 14:22:49

No you don't need to reference them

linerforlife Sun 19-Jul-20 14:22:58

No you don't need to reference them

slurpysoup Sun 19-Jul-20 14:23:42

Ok so still slightly confused, it's from free clip art stock online? Isn't relevant to any text in the presentation.

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CMOTDibbler Sun 19-Jul-20 14:34:46

At work I have to show permission for any image where there is copyright. If it is free online clip art, I would note that in the notes for that slide as I would for paid for images like Shutterstock.
For things like Googlemaps, there is wording on the website that says about being able to use it.

slurpysoup Sun 19-Jul-20 14:54:48

Thank you

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