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Lunch in London? Nice but also child friendly

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Justonedayatatime11 Sat 18-Jul-20 19:10:55

Any suggestions? We were going to have afternoon tea but then realised Harrods tea rooms are closed. Not too fussed on budget, definitely don't want Hard Rock Cafe or rainforest cafe, looking for somewhere nice but where children are also catered for!

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Bilingualspingual Sat 18-Jul-20 19:11:55

Giraffe on the South Bank is our usual.

hermyweasley Sat 18-Jul-20 19:12:50

Charlotte Street Hotel is lovely, or Sketch is very cool, Daisy Green usually has Jazz on a weekend more king during brunch, Sky Garden is fun for all ages

Bilingualspingual Sat 18-Jul-20 19:13:39

Maybe bit too child-friendly for what you’re after?

Bilingualspingual Sat 18-Jul-20 19:14:53

Referring to my own post rather than hw’s!

Justonedayatatime11 Sat 18-Jul-20 19:15:39

Kind of hoping for somewhere a bit special and not what we have locally already

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Queenoftheashes Sat 18-Jul-20 19:15:55

Giraffe on the south bank was stuffed with kids when I went. Chips were to die for (but I was hanging).

Queenoftheashes Sat 18-Jul-20 19:17:17

I’d prob go to dishoom for something special
Obv you need to be up for curry type food

DaisyDando Sat 18-Jul-20 19:18:15

I think Fortnum and Mason are doing tea.

WitchesGlove Sat 18-Jul-20 19:19:09

Any particular area of London?

Duchessofealing Sat 18-Jul-20 19:20:25

The Wolseley is very child friendly and lovely.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Sat 18-Jul-20 19:21:43

My daughter loved Emilias in St Katherine Dock. It's teeny tiny, pasta bar, and you can sit up at the counter and watch the chefs make all the pasta and meals fresh.

We were very impressed with the food, the service, and the dock is beautiful.

beautyqueenfrompluto Sat 18-Jul-20 19:22:34

Is the Ritz open again? If so, lunch there is lovely and I've been with kids and it felt very special!

Justonedayatatime11 Sat 18-Jul-20 19:39:58

Thanks all. Looked back on the Ritz for afternoon tea and they had one table available!!!! Excited grin

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amusedbush Sat 18-Jul-20 19:41:35


I’d prob go to dishoom for something special
Obv you need to be up for curry type food

DH and I were both really disappointed by Dishoom. We went to the one at Carnaby and it was expensive but tasted like a Tesco microwave meal. The tiny, brick hard naan that broke into crumbs was particularly terrible! sad

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