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Can you play cricket again now?

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Doihavetogotoworkdotcom1 Sat 18-Jul-20 18:08:10

There were about 15 people playing cricket and 10 waiting to swap on our local park today. Is that actually allowed again now? I know that the rules are changing all the time.

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Tinamou Sat 18-Jul-20 18:10:13

Yes, I think so. My DSs have been back at training (in small groups) for the past couple of weeks and their first match is on Monday.

FoldenHoard Sat 18-Jul-20 18:11:18

County cricket is back on so I don't see why not.

Proudpeacock Sat 18-Jul-20 18:12:46

It was allowed from Saturday 11th July onwards.

sidsgranny Sat 18-Jul-20 18:13:10

Yep, our County League is back on. No using changing rooms so both teams must arrive in kit and no cricket teas.

JimMaxwellantheshippingforcast Sat 18-Jul-20 18:13:35

Yes D's is playing today. They have to umpire the match themselves as most of the league umpires are shielding and they have to take their own tea.

Cheetahfajita Sat 18-Jul-20 18:14:12

Yes why did you fancy a game? I'll play as long as I can bat first grin

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