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That Haven advert....

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CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 18-Jul-20 17:04:29

the one where the boy is pretending he's riding a chariot across the beach with his cape flying behind him? Is it just me, or does he look absolutely FREEZING?! And the woman I assumed is supposed to be his mum is the same, faking the enjoyment. Sitting there with a T-shirt on when it was clearly filmed at a time when the weather was much colder than the heatwave we had in the first half of lockdown. Their skin tones just look pale, grey and shivery like they're tensed up from waiting round in the cold to film.

Don't really know why I'm commenting on it but it's just that I keep seeing it and find it baffling as it doesn't entice me to consider Haven at all. The opposite really. It just seems to be an advert for an English beach, and even then they aren't showing the good side of that - why haven't they shown them wrapped up with hoodies and wellies on rock pooling or something. I've been on English holidays as a kid and in the summer have often experienced cold weather and not the sunny 20 plus degrees that you hope for, but you just dress accordingly and do different activities, not running along the sand in your swimming stuff in 15 degrees. The breeze on a beach can be bloody freezing, even when it's 23 degrees so I'm not buying at all that the parents are sitting there having a pleasant time.

Doesn't tell you ANYTHING at all about what a Haven holiday is like, and now more than anytime they should be telling potential customers what they can offer at the moment.

Not sure why I'm posting really but I just was curious if it's just me who looks at it, goes "Brrrr.....not for me, thanks!"

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CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 18-Jul-20 17:06:55

And I know they need their customers so it seems quite picky to comment on, but I really think they need to know if it's actually putting people off instead of enticing them!

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SueEllenMishke Sat 18-Jul-20 17:13:27

That advert is months old. It was out in January. I remember because my son loves it and was happy to see it return.

SueEllenMishke Sat 18-Jul-20 17:15:20

I quite like it too..... They've chosen an absolute tune

ClashCityRocker Sat 18-Jul-20 18:03:09

I end up with tenpole tudor stuck in my head for days after seeing it.

Allflightscancelled Sat 18-Jul-20 18:20:42

Gotta like any ad that uses 'Swords of a thousand men'grin

DappledThings Sat 18-Jul-20 20:10:15

I don't think he looks cold at all, sorry!

ImOnTheWrongPlanet Sat 18-Jul-20 20:13:40

I wonder if it was filmed on a sunny winter day? Less people around to get in the way maybe.

june2007 Sat 18-Jul-20 20:16:50

It,s rubbish it tells you nothing about haven.

kierenthecommunity Sat 18-Jul-20 21:48:50

I liked the one that had the Portugal the Man song 😃

Sherloidbaisherloid Sat 18-Jul-20 21:59:20

Just saw this advert! I don’t think he looks cold, the sled thing he is on looks like it’s really bumpy on the sand so made it look like he was chittering a bit

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 19-Jul-20 10:52:04

Tenpole Tudor! That's the band! I've been trying to figure out who it was. Great song choice, I agree. OK, so some of you think they don't look cold. Still think it's more of an advert for British beaches than a holiday company, it doesn't tell me anything at all about what Haven has to offer, so I honestly, part of me wonders if they have nothing to offer except some of them are near a beach!

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