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Seriously? I have no words

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Fairenuff Sat 18-Jul-20 15:03:16

I must just be getting old grin

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ShesMadeATwatOfMePam Sat 18-Jul-20 15:04:14

They look ok to me on a certain type of man.

Fairenuff Sat 18-Jul-20 15:05:33

A certain type of man with a huge penis?

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TheLightSideOfTheMoon Sat 18-Jul-20 15:05:36

Ooooo! I like them.

Have some in green a bit like that.

TimeWastingButFun Sat 18-Jul-20 15:08:52

Ok on holiday on a very young fit man, I suppose. Anyone else zoom in on the crotch? It's a shadow, phew...

eddiemairswife Sat 18-Jul-20 15:11:30

Weirdly pornographic.

Branleuse Sat 18-Jul-20 15:28:15

theyre just harem pants?

Fairenuff Sat 18-Jul-20 15:36:09

Yes but it's the way he's wearing them.

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CuriousaboutSamphire Sat 18-Jul-20 15:43:30

It does that weird..SCHLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNG!!!!! thing!

Sacha Baron Cohen could write a whole character based on that picture!

Weird styling, to say the least.

Perro Sat 18-Jul-20 15:48:17

Omg, scroll further down the page for something even worse - circumcision pants with a transparent section to ‘view the wound’ shock My eyes! WTAF? confused

SquirrelFan Sat 18-Jul-20 15:50:37

@Perro I thought you were kidding!!!

Perro Sat 18-Jul-20 15:59:48

Sadly not grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 18-Jul-20 16:02:30

But scroll on a bit more and find these delights shock Men Sexy Elephant Briefs Cotton Comfortable Soft Plain Underwear With Pouch

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 18-Jul-20 16:05:08

Or Mens 3D Penis Cup Sponge Shaper Pad Swimwear Underwear Front Protected Pad style given as "Sexy"
Duh , FYI , it isn't .

betteliefsen Sat 18-Jul-20 16:06:20

Ideal for the man who wishes to remain celibate.

MrsJBaptiste Sat 18-Jul-20 16:08:41

I quite like them!

As for the other random stuff on that website 😯

Neilsfavouritechilli Sat 18-Jul-20 16:09:48

My eyes!!

Perro Sat 18-Jul-20 16:11:13

That is one hell of a website grin

The random dolls houses (in amongst the sex outfits) are amazing though!

MadCatLady71 Sat 18-Jul-20 16:35:34

I like them - they look comfy and cool for hot weather. Why not, if a bloke is in good shape and can carry it off? No more stupid than plenty of stuff I wear.

lookatmememe Sat 18-Jul-20 16:48:06

Ha ! I was wondering what to get DH for his birthday. Those medical pants at just the ticket. (Can't spell circumthingumy )

ItchyScratch Sat 18-Jul-20 16:49:37


Pieceofpurplesky Sat 18-Jul-20 16:53:53

They are the least weird thing on that page!

Gatekeeper Sat 18-Jul-20 16:54:37

frigging hell...look at these!!!

paintedpanda Sat 18-Jul-20 16:57:55

They are Aladdin's pants...

Sunnydayshereatlast Sat 18-Jul-20 17:01:08

Fine of your dh is called Aladdin..

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