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There's about 200 wasps outside my house going bonkers

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Cocolapew Thu 16-Jul-20 14:15:36

Send help.

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pippistrelle Thu 16-Jul-20 15:46:07

I wonder if the OP has survived the last hour an a half?

Has something agitated them?

We had a wasp's nest just outside our kitchen door last year. They went about their business, we went about ours, nobody got stung or otherwise damaged. And the only time they tried to come in was when I was making chutney. That wasn't great because, I didn't like being cooped up with the smell of boiling vinegar but, generally, the wasps were okay neighbours.

CountFosco Thu 16-Jul-20 16:04:59

She hasn't posted since that post! It'll be a Daily Fail headline before we know it 'Mum places impassioned plea on popular parenting website that was sadly ignored before freak wasp accident'. Then lower down a Sad Face Picture of Cocolapew's family.

Cocolapew Thu 16-Jul-20 16:23:07

I'm still alive! Had to take DD to work, she came downstairs with a scarf wrapped around her head hmm.
We think they might be honeybees and they have now taken up residence in my bush (oh matron!)

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Cocolapew Thu 16-Jul-20 16:24:02


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ThickFast Thu 16-Jul-20 16:24:58

I was going to suggest are they bees? I think you can call someone to get bees. But they’ll probably move on soon anyway.

Morgan12 Thu 16-Jul-20 16:26:11

Jesus fucking christ.

I'd need to move.

paddingtonbearsmarmalade Thu 16-Jul-20 16:27:21

We had this a few weeks ago! They (honeybees) swarmed in our garden and hung out on our fence. They moved on after a few days smile

Watto1 Thu 16-Jul-20 16:27:37

This happened in my garden last year. They moved on the next day. Fascinating to watch!

Watto1 Thu 16-Jul-20 16:28:25

Definitely bees by the way!

sleepyhead Thu 16-Jul-20 16:29:10

That's a bee swarm I think.

Bee keepers get quite excited about that don't they and then come and remove them for you? Maybe see if you have a local bee enthusiast facebook group?

Cocolapew Thu 16-Jul-20 16:29:10

DH has messaged a few beekeepers to see if they'll come and get them, council won't do anything.
If they're wasps they can piss off and die but I'll be nice to the bees 🐝.
Council bloke says they've been disturbed and are looking for somewhere new and don't usually stay in a tree for more than a few days.

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CoveredInBeeeees Thu 16-Jul-20 16:29:26

Feels like an apt time to post.

mumto3boysHE Thu 16-Jul-20 16:30:23

Pest controller here. That's a feral honey bee swarm. They should move on by tomorrow. You could call a local bee keeper and they'll come and collect them.

Peach1886 Thu 16-Jul-20 16:30:38

that's a swarm of honeybees, they won't hurt you and if you get in touch with your local beekeeping association (go onto and look on the swarm map) someone should be able to come and remove them for you.

magicstar1 Thu 16-Jul-20 16:33:18

If you're in Ireland contact
If you're in UK, contact

They're beekeeper pages, where you can contact a local beekeeper who'll take the swarm away for you.

Cocolapew Thu 16-Jul-20 16:34:04

Thank you everyone smile it's reassuring to know I'm not going to be stung to death by murder hornets.
I plant bee friendly plants so apparently it's all my fault hmmgrin

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Soubriquet Thu 16-Jul-20 16:34:46

Yeah they are bees

They are just resting and will disperse normally

2bazookas Thu 16-Jul-20 16:41:32

That's a swarm of bees ( wasps don't do that).

A local beekeeper would probably be glad to come and collect them; if you don't kniow one call police on 101, they probably have a list.

Or just do nothing; they will fly off somewhere else soon.

boredboredboredboredbored Thu 16-Jul-20 16:50:47

I had this happen to me and contacted the BBKA. A lovely chap came in his full bee keepers gear and took them, was very interesting to watch.

Cocolapew Thu 16-Jul-20 16:52:22

I hope a beekeeper comes, I'd love to watch it.

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Soubriquet Thu 16-Jul-20 16:54:44

We had it one year

My dad was clipping the hedges and me and my grandad was outside talking.

Suddenly I spotted my grandad legging it, then my dad. I followed baffled and then suddenly saw why they ran.

Massive swarm of bees landed on the hedge. It sounded like the droning from a football stadium and the sky was black for several seconds.

Bee keeper came to get them. No protective gear or anything

Just walked straight up to the hedge, got his box, gave the branch a sharp tug and most of the bees fell straight into the box.

He put the lid on, thanked us and off he went!

He estimated there was around 9000 bees there

TwentyViginti Thu 16-Jul-20 17:05:13

What a lovely thing to happen! I'm quite jealous.

Cocolapew Thu 16-Jul-20 17:09:20

Beekeeper coming in about an hour! I'm v excited grin

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TwentyViginti Thu 16-Jul-20 17:14:21

OOOH! pics please!

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