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It’s 2.48am

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StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 02:51:38

And I’ve just read a horrid email from a client about the presentation I’m giving at 7.30am. Basically rubbishing weeks of work that they’d already signed off on.

I’m not going to get any sleep now am I?

Anyone else up?

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HermioneMakepeace Thu 16-Jul-20 02:53:16

I'm here. Just ignore them. Shrug it off, get back to sleep and do your presentation in the morning. Every time it comes into your head, shut it out.

TinySongstress Thu 16-Jul-20 02:53:45

Yes I'm reading the mind boggling, eye popping transcripts from the Depp vs Heard case.

It's a horror.

BF888 Thu 16-Jul-20 02:58:44

I’m up too 😫 it’s been a funky day today and can’t seem to switch off.

If they’ve already signed off on it then chances are maybe they’ve got pre presentation nerves and worried on the outcome. I always find presentations are more about the delivery turn up tomorrow confident and you’ll do amazing! Ignore what they’ve said they’ve been happy with it at some point or they wouldn’t have approved it. Try and get some rest!

StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 02:59:22

Thanks @HermioneMakepeace they’ve said they can’t present it, it’s completely wrong 😤 hey ho. He’s got the wrong end of the stick for a lot of it.

I’ve got my Calm app and will stick it on in a bit. Just going to potter on here for 20 minutes and maybe have a cuppa.

I’ve read a bit of the court coverage, it all sounds odd and terrifying.

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StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 03:01:22

Yep funky day here too @BF888 - good way to describe it!

One good thing to happen was taking DD riding again. Felt like a touch of normality.

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AutumnLeavesSeptember Thu 16-Jul-20 03:18:51

Yeah I'm up too. Anxiety dreams about money, as there is never quite enough sad

So sorry about the presentation, that's really unfair, I get why you're so annoyed. Knob heads!!!

Hard to find the positives right now.

outnumberedwoman Thu 16-Jul-20 03:28:30

Can I join? Had some nasty nightmares and now my anxiety levels are high. So im on here trying not to wake the rest of the house.

StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 03:35:10

@outnumberedwoman @AutumnLeavesSeptember that’s why I woke up originally, my anxiety hit the roof. It’s not been a good week. You’re not alone.

Going to do a meditation thing and try to get a bit more sleep. Big day tomorrow for various reasons.

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StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 04:18:01

Well this is going well 🤣

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outnumberedwoman Thu 16-Jul-20 04:26:13

About as well as it is with me @StuckInPollyannaMode hmm

chromis Thu 16-Jul-20 04:27:12

Oh no Pollyanna hoped you'd drifted off. Fingers crossed for your mtg.

I'm up as my husband has a hospital appointment today that will be bad news or very bad news so not really conducive to sleep sad

StillDumDeDumming Thu 16-Jul-20 04:39:09

I’ve been ignoring this thread since 2.48am!! I can’t stop thinking. I feel jangly. Been like it a few nights. Not sure why although I have a lot on - going back to work- newly disabled dp - everyone has an opinion...I sleep ok usually- even in a crisis!

StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 06:08:14

I managed a further 50 minutes of sleep. Yuck

In my head I’ve fired them about fifty times

Sorry for everyone’s worries

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crosser62 Thu 16-Jul-20 06:15:42

Oh bloody hell, there’s nothing worse, it’s like poison leaking into your brain when you have so
Thing like this on your mind.
Bloody bastard client, I feel for you op.

Do presentation as a finger up at bastard client then when it’s done, have a nice cuppa then chuck the whole thing in the fuck it bucket.

Good luck!

StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 06:58:01

Trying to figure out what to do. It’s an emphatic no on me presenting it. They want a discussion instead.

I wonder if I call them before the call.

I feel sick.

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AutumnLeavesSeptember Thu 16-Jul-20 08:10:33

Ah God Pollyanna I had hoped you got a bit of sleep. I finally drifted off at 5. Good luck w today whatever happens, sounds like the fault us all w them.

flowers Chromis, I'm so sorry you're waiting for bad news. Hope it's the best it possibly can be.

DumDeDum hope you manage to have a relaxed day. My DH has a chronic illness, I know how much complexity that health issues can bring to families flowers

littlestrawby Thu 16-Jul-20 08:37:24

Oh gosh, how stressful. Hope all went ok this morning thanks

StuckInPollyannaMode Thu 16-Jul-20 09:00:20

Thanks for all good wishes. I took a deep breath and called him at 7.30am and we agreed a way forward, so I presented half my presentation.

Now got to pull it out of the bag again in 3 weeks time, but given that he's now finally sent over all the information which it would have been useful to have at the start, then I'm in a much better place.

Still want to fire him, but feel I came out of it with a bit of dignity. Until I saw my eyebags highlighted beautifully on Zoom!

@chromis thinking of you and your DH

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AutumnLeavesSeptember Thu 16-Jul-20 19:06:33

That's great @StuckInPollyannaMode! I hope you're able to truly relax this evening. I bet you'll sleep really well tonight.

@chromis sending you good vibes for today's news.

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