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Job hunting support thread?

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Babs709 Wed 15-Jul-20 09:39:13

Full disclaimer that I’m not job hunting but DH is.

Lost his job from 1st May and I don’t think he’s switched off from the hunt since. Had a couple of interviews, one he didn’t even hear back from (so fucking frustrating!!!), had a few positive conversations with recruitment agents that never seem to go anywhere. He’s spending every day “networking” or scrolling through job sites and adapting his CV. It is relentless!! I’m helping where I can, mainly with the CV rewrites. And just trying to stay positive for him. I feel fucking useless.

It is BLEAK. Wouldn’t mind some support from people going through similar!

Anyone else?

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Waiting42021 Wed 15-Jul-20 11:01:27

Hi OP, Sorry to hear about your DH losing his job. I really, really hope he manages to find something soon.

I’m in a slightly different situation - I have a job but I don’t enjoy it. I was already looking to leave before lockdown happened and I’ve carried on looking and interviewing over the last few months.

It is soul destroying. I’ve lost count of the amount of ‘catch ups’ I’ve had with recruiters to then never hear anything from them again. I’ve also had 3 interviews - one which was a complete waste of time (the role was nothing like the job description), one which went ok but I didn’t get the job, and one never got back to me angry I completely sympathise as applying and interviewing takes so much time, it’s SO disrespectful not to follow up with candidates.

Is your DH looking to get back into the same type of role he had before, or is he looking for a change? If he’s finding it really difficult, could it be worth looking for roles that are aggressively hiring at the moment? I know that a lot of supermarkets are still looking for delivery drivers?

Also, has he contacted places directly with a copy of his CV and a cover letter? That could lead to some good conversations.

The process of job hunting is relentlessly soul destroying, in my experience. Anything he can do that keeps him busy would definitely help. Yes, if you’re out of work then job hunting should kind of be a job in itself, but not at the detriment of your mental health.

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