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Spa scent at home - tips to relax...

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ColdCottage Tue 14-Jul-20 21:45:01

I'm missing lots of things but that amazing scent you get when you walk into a spa that instantly relaxes you is one of them.

So tips on how to make the most of any time to ourselves we can all make use of is what I'm looking for...

I've bought a number of essential oils and a aroma defuser but I can't seem to get the right combo.

Any ideas ladies? I'd like to add them to my bath too.

I have a silk eye mask for bedtime which I'd highly recommend for super peaceful sleep.

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starsinyourpies Tue 14-Jul-20 21:51:05

ESPA candles! I had an amazing salt scrub from there once too.

IamChipmunk Tue 14-Jul-20 21:53:21

Any thing by Neom!
Scent to de stress and scent to sleep particularly.
I have a room spray and bubble bath, and have had candles in the past.
Smell amazing, very spa like and work in terms of creating a relaxing atmosphere.

ColdCottage Tue 14-Jul-20 22:11:05

Which scent combos do you find best?

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Dollywilde Tue 14-Jul-20 22:12:38

Ooh following as I’m after that spa scent too. Have a Neom bath oil and love it but already recommended!

Pleasebeaflesbite Tue 14-Jul-20 22:15:55

Neom scent to destress (again)

I have it on now, smells amazing

ColdCottage Tue 14-Jul-20 22:22:26

Anyone who works in a 5* hotel spa who can share some inside tips?

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ColdCottage Wed 15-Jul-20 11:51:52

I tried lavender, ylang ylang and peppermint last night in the bath and that was a fail.

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ColdCottage Thu 16-Jul-20 21:43:07


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flowerycurtain Thu 16-Jul-20 21:49:50

I have a candle from the Isle of Skye candle company. It doesn't smell like a spa but like a wild Scottish mountain. A good book and my white company pj's ironed plus fresh sheets and I'm away.

I'd love a good eye mask though if you have a recommendation!

Jellycatspyjamas Thu 16-Jul-20 21:55:22

I’d second the Espa recommendations - their candles are lovely but the salt scrub is so luxurious.

xolotltezcatlopoca Thu 16-Jul-20 22:03:12

I use my favorite perfume. Few drops actually smells divine, and body smells really lovely afterwards, not to strong, but very subtle and delicate.

ColdCottage Sat 18-Jul-20 20:49:51

This is the one I have @JellyfishandShells

Really looking to recreate that spa smell not just a nice candle. I have lots of lovely candles but they just don't recreate that essential oil defuser all round scent you get when you walk into a spa.

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MarkRuffaloCrumble Sat 18-Jul-20 20:55:02

I tried lavender, ylang ylang and peppermint last night in the bath and that was a fail.

Yeah that’s a weird combination! Not surprised it didn’t work for you grin.

I’ve got a body lotion in my favourite perfume and that always makes me feel very indulgent!

Following for some more spa decent ideas.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Sat 18-Jul-20 20:55:21

spa *scent

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 18-Jul-20 21:35:55

The white company do nice room fragrances.

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