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If you have dc and dogs, a question: Do you let your dc run around the garden bare foot?..

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OreoIcecream Tue 14-Jul-20 15:00:08


So we have 2 dogs and whereas they obviously get regularly walked, they do at least one poo each in the garden every day.

We clear this up of course, but sometimes it's not always easy to get it all up 🤢


If they have a poorly stomach or it's been raining, it's not always easy, so there will inevitably be, again - sorry confused, bits of dog poo lurking in the grass.

With this in mind, I wouldn't dream of letting my dd run around without shoes on and kind of assumed it wasn't just me.

Then I realised the other day that two of my friends, both with energetic toddlers and dogs, will reguarly have the paddling pool out and let their dc run/slide around the garden and it makes my skin crawl. I remember one time when their dog had a poo right next to the water slide and my friends ds almost jumped went straight into it, before I timidly pointed it out to my friend, but then noticed lots of little missed bits dotted around the garden.

I might be being completely unreasonable, as we didn't get the dogs when dd was still at the paddling pool, running round like a maniac, stage, so maybe I would have been more relaxed. After all, what dc doesn't love a paddling pool day?

Saying that.... it's still dog poo and can be incredibly dangerous if it gets into the eyes etc.

So, what are your thoughts?

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KrakowDawn Tue 14-Jul-20 15:04:27

No dog here- but between the cats, foxes and badgers... hmm
I would never let my children out without checking the garden when they were smaller.

OreoIcecream Tue 14-Jul-20 15:36:22

@KrakowDawn, well yes confused

It's just a bit grim really, when you think about it. My dm asked me the other day why I never go barefoot in my own garden, not even to put the washing out, but isn't it obvious? I mean, when you actually pick it up every day, you know that there's no way you can get every single bit and the idea of getting it on my feet.... 😩

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OreoIcecream Tue 14-Jul-20 16:14:22

Just giving this a bump...

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Carpetdweller Tue 14-Jul-20 16:19:00

Just check before you let your DD out and pick up the poo. Most dogs only poo once a day, or twice at the most.
It's fine to be barefoot in the garden and good for your feet.

Mylittlepony374 Tue 14-Jul-20 16:19:29

I have dogs and kids. The kids run around barefoot constantly. I'm lucky if the little one keeps clothes on, let alone shoes. I can't get worked up about it- if they stand in dog poo, you wash it off. No big deal.

OreoIcecream Tue 14-Jul-20 16:40:47

I think this is just me isn't it? blush

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OreoIcecream Tue 14-Jul-20 16:42:15

I'm also blush at barefoot being two separate words in the title.

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