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Red brick house. What colour should the front door be?

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CarterBeatsTheDevil Tue 14-Jul-20 01:20:13

Interested in any and all views on this fascinating topic...

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ZaraCarmichaelshighheels Tue 14-Jul-20 01:44:24

Yellow! I’m fed up of seeing all these composite doors in bog standard colours, I think a red brick house with a yellow door will look fabulous and different to all the ubiquitous doors.

Teapot13 Tue 14-Jul-20 01:50:05

I do like the picture of the yellow door, but I vote for forest green. That's what I think of as classic with a brick house.

ElizabethMainwaring Tue 14-Jul-20 01:53:52

Funnily enough Ive been mulling this over myself.
Our front door has been red for 20 years and is ready for an overhaul.
I fancied yellow, but dh didn't agree.
We've settled on Buckingham green which is a lovely contrast to the red bricks and will bring out the red tones.
There is a house over the road with a dark blue door which doesn't look great. It brings out the dirty looking grey tones in the bricks and terracotta tiles.

TenShortStories Tue 14-Jul-20 01:56:46

That yellow posted above, forest green (as a pp said), midnight blue, or black. Any of those would look fantastic.

CarterBeatsTheDevil Tue 14-Jul-20 02:00:21

God, I LOVE the yellow door. Love it.

@Teapot13 I don't suppose you could show me the forest green you mean? I have no vision which is why I have to outsource all decor queries to Mumsnetters

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CarterBeatsTheDevil Tue 14-Jul-20 02:02:23

Oh, perhaps it is like Buckingham green which I also like. But still very drawn to the level. Black always works but it's black at the moment (where it is not peeling) and I feel like being adventurous although whether I can bring DH with me on yellow is very much in question...

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CarterBeatsTheDevil Tue 14-Jul-20 02:03:24

*yellow not level

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safariboot Tue 14-Jul-20 02:20:47

It really doesn't matter.

On my street by far the most common is white. Second is wood or wood-effect. Third is dark blue and most of those are owned by a particular housing association that always fit the same colour doors.

If it's actual wood I think the natural wood colour is nice. If it's plastic do whatever, although personally I wouldn't pick something lurid.

Ritascornershop Tue 14-Jul-20 02:24:59

I hate bright yellow. If I had a brick house I’d paint the door black. There’s a reason it’s classic.

MatildaBaggins Tue 14-Jul-20 02:25:07

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XXXNOOBSLAYERXXX Tue 14-Jul-20 02:27:13

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XXXNOOBSLAYERXXX Tue 14-Jul-20 02:28:21

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WantToLiveByTheSea Tue 14-Jul-20 02:30:13


Today, actually saw a big blanket on a certain rail where the door is, on the outside, so would get soaked....

So random

managedmis Tue 14-Jul-20 02:30:17

Teal. Black. Grey.

Loveinatimeofcovid Tue 14-Jul-20 03:15:47

A deep colour of some sort.

ChocolateBlock Tue 14-Jul-20 03:15:49

I came on to say yellow! I think it really stands out in a good way.

Tavannach Tue 14-Jul-20 03:24:55

Go with the yellow. Such brightness to come home to.

RonaldMcDonald Tue 14-Jul-20 03:40:11


KingofDinobots Tue 14-Jul-20 07:08:07

Lovely sunshine yellow - makes the whole house look friendly.

Otherwise forest green I guess.

We’re house hunting at the moment and I’ve realised I automatically like houses with cheerful yellow doors!

CarterBeatsTheDevil Tue 14-Jul-20 12:02:32

I hadn't even thought about yellow and now I am all over it. Neon pink would be pretty awesome but I don't think I will get much household support for it

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Bin85 Tue 14-Jul-20 12:02:36

Saw a brick house with yellow door at weekend and commented how good it looked
Or bright red?

SedentaryCat Tue 14-Jul-20 12:06:50

We've got dark red. Next door have wood effect and apart from two doors up (dark blue) the rest are white uPVC.

onalongsabbatical Tue 14-Jul-20 12:46:53

Love the yellow, and love the darker greens too. But I think with this you get the best of both worlds - the cheeryness of yellow and the naturey-ness of green. And it works with the bricks IMHO.

onalongsabbatical Tue 14-Jul-20 12:54:32

And if you can identify the kind of tones you've got in your bricks, you can see - directly opposite - what compliments.

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