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Small special Gift Ideas young teen

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RoseMartha Mon 13-Jul-20 22:34:54

Has anyone got any ideas of a small and not very expensive gift (£10-£20), I can give my young teen as part of her birthday present. That will have a sentimental value.

I gave earrings as part of Christmas gift.

I can only think of other jewellery and she is not really a jewellery person.

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FusionChefGeoff Mon 13-Jul-20 22:39:57

Photo book of her growing up?

Gymntonic Mon 13-Jul-20 22:53:26

Maybe a jewellery rack / box - somewhere to keep her earrings? TK Maxx or Etsy if you have time

bookmum08 Mon 13-Jul-20 23:06:37

Fancy edition box set of her favourite classic books ? I would have been soooo unimpressed with jewellery at age 13.

monkeyonthetable Mon 13-Jul-20 23:15:05

what is her style? What are her passions?

RoseMartha Tue 14-Jul-20 12:40:10

Thank you for ideas.

She likes chocolate, drawing, doing sport.

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RJnomore1 Tue 14-Jul-20 12:41:43

A nice frame for one of her “best@ drawings?

monkeyonthetable Tue 14-Jul-20 15:27:13

A really beautiful artist's box full of coloured pencils like this

RoseMartha Tue 14-Jul-20 15:42:47

Thank you for ideas. I like the photo and drawing related ones for her

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