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Tmj and tinnitus nightmare!

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Jenniferlc Mon 13-Jul-20 21:45:47

Hi all,
I am new here and new to the above problems.
I had a lower molar extracted on the 29th May, since then the extraction site has struggled to heal. I have had increasingly awful jaw pain which has sent me to hospital today because I couldn’t cope anymore.
Last Sunday my left ear started to ring on a night shift, it hasn’t stopped but the doctor said it’s completely impacted so due to be cleaned tomorrow. The pain I am experiencing is all day in my neck head and jaw is debilitating. Along with the constant torture and pain in my ear which I now feel is affecting the other one.
Is there any advice on here for help? At the moment with 2 children I’m feeling in a really bad place and have no idea where to turn. 🥺 I had an appointment with maxillofacial and was seen for 5 mins and told of course you’re in a pain it’s a hard procedure, I am waiting on another but don’t think they are in any rush.
I’ve been put on zopiclone to help me seep, but nothing I am doing is giving me any relief. Sorry for the long post, I’m feeling so desperate.

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