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How to help my teen DD's social anxiety?

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Molly500 Mon 13-Jul-20 10:10:58

Dd aged 14 suffers from social anxiety. She met friends for the first time since March last week and came back with a headache ,jaw and neck pain from stress. She finds it very difficult to be in groups of more than a few people (her friendship group is 6 which she says she finds difficult when they're altogether ), she gets very stressed. Things that help are knowing where she is going and familiar places. For example, if I say lets just go on a dog walk she has to know exactly where we are going. She said she went into a supermarket with her friends and panicked because she didnt know her way round.

We tried counselling a few years ago but she hated it. So, I'd like some practical suggestions we can try at home. I think the lockdown has probably made things worse so I am going to start taking her to more crowded places.

Shes very anxious about the return to school and the risk of her passing coronaviris to her teachers. She keeps saying it would be ok for her and her peers as they are young but maybe bit for adults. I am just a bit concerned that this will bulld over the summer and become a way for her anxiety to grow.

I am trying to go for a gentle step by step desensitization of being in more crowded environments and talking her through breathing through her anxiety and reasoning.

She's been like this since year 4 , but hormones are definite making it worse. I am sure she will grow out of it

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