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Would you feel awkward in this situation or am I weird?

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TickledOnion Sun 12-Jul-20 17:27:10

SIL often invites my DDs round to play with her DD (their cousin). They all get on really well.

Sometimes when I get there it’s just her and dN. I stay for a cuppa and then go home or do shopping while the kids play and then come back later to pick up.

Other times I get there and there are 5 or so other families all drinking and socialising with their kids all playing together.

I’m not particularly friendly with their friends. They are nice enough but always very well groomed and all much better off than me. I feel like the scruffy, frumpy, awkward one. (I realise that that is my issue. They are never rude to me).

I think if I knew it was a big social thing I would make an effort to look nicer and would be prepared to socialise but I really hate being put in a group social situation without any warning. Is that weird?

The latest time I just made some excuses about having some jobs to do and slunk off. So now I feel scruffy, frumpy, awkward and unsociable.

Is it weird not to be able to cope with social situations without warning or is ex-sil being odd by not letting me know in advance?

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TickledOnion Sun 12-Jul-20 17:28:37

Realise I said SIL at the top and then ex-SIL. She is officially ex-SIL but I usually refer to her as SIL.

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